#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Take McDonald’s performance last week with a grain of salt as he hurt his ankle in the second quarter


Salt is good for sore ankles??


a good cure you reckon?


Have we switched to Ham?




I lost faith last year after the promises of summer and the terrible start.

This year has solidified it for me. Team selection, gameplan? and mixed messages. I’ve seen enough.


Did anyone hear what Cooney said on SEN (yes I know) about the Francis non-selection? I just missed it


So true. Dropping Ridley, Parish, Langford, Francis so far


I’m already over this seasoning.


Francis to Port Adelaide for Powell-Pepper, in a straight swap.

That is what we are all thinking right?




Yuck, is indeed what we are all thinking.


I feel dirty just thinking about it


Why, why WHY in sweet fckery is he dropped for? Someone explain it?


If I could Like this 10000 times I would.


Anyone else here the story about why Francis gotdropped? wonder if its true or not.


What sort of post is that? Just a fishing exercise?


This is the second worst thing you’ve posted.


People do understand it’s just an alias account right? And a boring one at that unfortunately.


As some might know Francis i normally get pretty good info on from various sources i cant name. Short of it is:

  1. Yes he was omitted and is emergency for real
  2. Not sore. Was fine only days later watching VFL boys in Frankston. Trained well all week
  3. Wants to play
  4. Match ups key reasoning as outlined by Dan Richardson . Considered playing him forward but ruled against it.
  5. Good chance to play Friday if match ups work