#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Match ups is a ridiculous excuse as it was when they dropped ridley.

In our best 22 easily without a shadow of doubt.


Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but CJohns is pure as the driven snow so I do believe it.

I just can’t understand the Zac Clarke retention, I haven’t been as irked by a selection since the heady years of Aaron Henneman.


Big call given you are living through the decade of David Myers.


Any particular reason why Ridley was preferred over Francis?

Or have they Pidgeon holed him as a 3rd tall?


They were worried that if they dropped Ridley, Blitz would curse them.


:smile: look, I honestly don’t mind Myers. I’d rather we look elsewhere at the moment for our midfield too, but I think he cops wayyyy more than he should given he can produce at a good level as a contested midfielder in a position we lack options.


And they thought we’d let them get away with dropping our beloved Franga?


They’re into a bit of s&m


Well, that’s really, really poor selection

The fact we cant find a spot for Aaron Francis, is legitimately unbelievable


And selected Myers!!!


Yeh unsure. They May view Ridley as a slightly different kind of player and match up. Hipwood runs a lot so i reckon Ambrose stayed in due to this fact as well. For me i am not crazy upset he is not in defense this week. I personally think if i looked up as opposition coach and saw Clarke up forward and not Francis i would be relieved. I like Aaron cause he can play both ends… more my argument why he should play


Myers is a big call but i do get that he was never actually omitted… was just not well and pulled out last minute. So technically he has his spot back. If Myers who pkayed in last 11 rounds 2018 shows up… all good with it. If not then maybe we look at younger blood


The fact Clarke is playing at all is more laughable. Why would you not play Draper. He’s already a far better player than him


This farkin club needs to be SUCKED!!!
I mean scaked


We are obviously playing with a taped together forwardline, atleast playing both Hooker and Francis would have given the coaching box some options on gameday. Not that Woosh is a fan of gameday change ups.


If a KPF goes down and you have another who just kicked 5 goals in the reserves, you don’t move a defender forward. I want Francis playing, but it would be pretty devastating to team moral if form wasn’t rewarded.


Absolutely agree. Very well articulated.

If Ambrose never played a game for Essendon, no one is going to lose sleep over it. He is one dimensional. He offers nothing in the air in terms of intercept mark or attacking run or accurate kick out of defence.

He doesn’t have a leap and given his height, he is usless against taller opponents. He reminds me of slightly taller Slattery.

I won’t fault his endeavour and seems like a good club man. But I was shocked to see how many games Francis has played. We really need to get games into him. He is our future and he is already better than Ambrose.

Ambrose is only somewhat suitable to play on McStay against the Lions. Even then Francis could have been better match up to exploit him going forward and leaving his opponent and taking intercept marks.

Francis, Parish, Draper, Zerk-Thatcher, Langford, Ridley, Laverde etc are very talented kids and have been in the system for long enough now to be getting games so that they are building that confidence.

BZT, Francis, Hurley, Ridley, Saad and McKenna should have been our defence from R1. Draper should have got a go for Melbourne game ahead of Clarke. Parish should have started in the guts ahead of Myers. Laverde should have started ahead of Baguley.

Woosh is too focussed on the short term. He thinks experienced players will get him the wins. Sheeds need to give him the 1993 lessons.


The whole concept of Francis as a KPF is one that seems like it SHOULD work…

…but there isn’t ACTUALLY much evidence of it working. He’s been thrown forward on multiple occasions, without being especially productive.


Francis was moved forward because he had a disappointing game in defence.


The Slattery comparison is very unfair.

Ambrose can at least shut down an opponent.

Slattery is the poster boy for this club in the last 15 years.

Hard to believe he almost played 100 games.