#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I find it distasteful that so many feel that arguing for one players inclusion requires actively denigrating another Essendon player, and even sledging past players.

I’m not saying that Francis should be in rather than Ambrose. Imo, he shouldn’t. Not this week.

My problem around all of this is the public message we’ve sent, and if he didn’t spend any of summer training as anything but a tall defender, why the hell not!?

Anyway, I’ve had my say and I’ll drop it. And I won’t bother defending Hslatts because I’ll just propel the discussion further. But how about we not make this about trashing other players, please?


What, no defence of Henneman?

Ambrose should not be playing ahead of Francis (all things being equal).


I reckon there’ll be a late change and Francis will come in.


That’s what happens when you get Ambrosed.

Agree with Sal on the handling of the conversation. Hopefully it was better behind closed doors.


Match ups throws up an interesting question- so if Brisbane picked a forward line of six 170cm (or less) forwards would Essendon drop all its tall defenders?


Don’t let Mrs Topdon see this…

P.S. I agree with you! Total spud!


Do you know how ridiculous this sounds in the context of our first few rounds and our first 8 rounds last year? We absolutely DO NOT reward form, and we absolutely DO NOT penalise poor form.


That one dimension has been very handy over the last few games. Ambrose has 100% earned his spot and should keep it. It’s disappointing that Francis is out this week, but you don’t drop a bloke that’s been playing his role really well to accommodate a kid who’s form has been a little off.


‘One-dimension’ people.
Who needs them, indeed.


Dropped because of match ups.


Absolutely pathetic.


Lol…now people are rewriting history. He was aweful against GWS. At least Francis went forward and gave us something.

He was ok at best against St Kilda while Francis was only second to Hurley in the impact he had in defense. That game from Francis was better than any game Ambrose has ever played.

Against Melbourne, if you had just left McDonald roam around, he is in such terrible form, he wouldn’t have got near it anyway. To be claiming Ambrose was some world beater in that game is just plain dumb.

Anyway I am done with this ■■■■■.


Im thankful to be debating the merits of a week on the sidelines to refreshen him for next week.

Its hard to believe that a short time ago we were all highly fearful he may retire or return to SA for a pick 67.

There is a lot more improvement and upside with Francis and I dont mind young players knowing their spot is not secure and they need to keep getting better.

Small things like when the ball hits the deck he can choose to stick his hands into the contest to tap on or handball rather than a higher % option to put himself in between the goals and the oncoming player to block the line of the player coming through towards goal. Plus continuing to build his tank to allow for strong repeated efforts.

I dont doubt that the club is very conscious of how to develop him when I see where he came from and the growth hes made over the last 12 months.

Francis to me is more suited to slow steady development rather than thowing him forward to become a forward line rock star overnight because of his prodigous talent.


Well thank fark for that.


Anyway really strange he was omitted we really should be getting games into younger players just not sure where this club rates itself. It seems they think we are a top 4 side/premiership window open side as if we were then we wouldnt bother playing young players but i don’t think this is the case.


I seriously rate Francis, but you would have to say the selectors were vindicated for their decision today.
All 3 KPDs were great, Brown was immense up forward and Zlarke commendable (and 2 ruckmen were clearly required)
Will be good to see how Aaron responds to demands spot back


Well no, it’s not a vindication if you think he could play elsewhere.

But whatever.


Does the VFL play this weekend?

Id be disappointed if we didnt see him play.

But look Woosha is talking about bringing Daniher back through the 2s. He is pretty clear the side is player led. Perhaps Franga has high standards of himself and he hasnt met them.

The other thing is our midfield group make our backs look good. When they perform well, conceded inside 50s arent as clean by the opposition and our backs look like stars.

Brisbane all game never really got plentiful clean midfield clearances/inside 50s. We conceded plenty of opportunities but they were under a bit of pressure.

I want Francis back in the side and I think he is a better option than Ambrose. Francis is just as hard and hurts the opposition way more with the ball.

We have to play him, but I want him at his best.


VFL side has the bye this weekend


Azza is competing with Ridley as a tall, mobile back, and like Azza, Ridley would be unlucky to miss. Ambrose has always been ahead of Francis as he plays tighter and he can run all day. Redman looks well ahead of guelfi.
I like the idea of Francis as a forward, but with Daniher (or 2nd ruck) & Brown, Tippa & Fanta, & Stringer, Bags would need to make way & I think he is going ok so far this season.
If Azza stays fit and in form he should play 20 games which is fine for a young player who is still building an AFL tank.



I really really want him back in the team but im
Not sure how we fit him in.

Ridley redman saad hurley hooker mckenna all have to play now Imo

And ambrose has been too good to drop.

So I dont know what we are going to do because Francis has to be playing imo,

We cant risk letting a player of his elk leave because we arent giving him a go.