#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Be even harder now the entire selection committee has been sacked.


Look… spots are tight, and that’s a good thing. We have lots of talent waiting in the wings, also. Laverde was upset he wasn’t playing… especially with no VFL, but he understood how things are. These guys are not 5 year olds.


They aren’t 5 years old but in the same token they ain’t going to stay around if they can’t get a game. Francis would be a walk up start in nearly every team in the comp and I find it very hard to believe there isn’t a least 1 spot on the ground for him


One of the most talented kids in the AFL should be playing.

Can’t see how that’s even a debate.


Yeah it’s always that simple.


I agree… I’d love him to be in the side. There may be things we don’t know.


May well be, …


Who’s spot does he take?


Gleeson, Francis, Ridley, Redman, Ambrose.

Can’t keep em all and fit them in. Someone is gonna get traded this year. Hope its not Franga.


and to think francis was omitted how times change from why he wasnt in the team and now the talk is how do we get him into the team…

classic blitz


As anybody who tried to do a best 22 over the off season would realise…

At full strength, we have an abundance of key position players, and an almost over abundance of medium defenders.

Good luck getting a look in, Matty Dea.


Essendon drubbing the in form team in the comp while giving the FRANGBEAST a rest is terrible news for the rest of the comp.

Hungry FRANGBEAST gonna take down some Ben Brown.


Ambrose plays because he is our best pure stopper at present.

His straight line defending is excellent even on bigger opponents. Where he finds it hard is a mobile talls who can take him up and down the ground. Ambroses tank is sensational but his pace in and out of the 50 and his agility are his weaknesses.

Hurley, Hooker, Saad and McKenna are locks when fit.

Ridley and Redman are getting close to that.

Francis needs to play as a pure utility. That would excite me.


A settled backline may be a blessing in disguise. Unleash Franga as a guy who just plays footy. Hirdy style!


Move him forward as Timmy said


With redman and gleeson coming along i reckon we could use aaron as trade bait for powell pepper or wines what do u guys reckon




I say no farken way


Is this really what you do for ■■■■■ and giggles?


Powell pepper is the sh!ttest sh!tter to ever ■■■■.