#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Francis played a lot of underage footy as a forward.
Myers out, Darcy to the middle and Aaron to the forward line, simples :grinning:

Already playing guys out of position. Darcy is a mid pure and simple


I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Francis has been thrown around a lot so far in his career and I personally don’t think it helps him at the moment to keep that happening. A few weeks in the 2’s won’t hurt him.


Just needs a spot to open up for him. I figure Ridley and Redman retire somewhere around 2029, and he just slots in with 200 games of VFL experience. He’ll be cherry ripe.


I love Aaron and I find it hard to believe they won’t try him elsewhere when they are happy to dik Darcy around and play him out of position


the selectors seem huge on flexibility until they’re not.

darcy dropped cos he can only play 1 roll.


Anyone see his game against port last year?

Thats why he should be playing


This is the answer isn’t it?

Eg, Ridley to a wing and/or Redman as our 6th-7th midfielder - both find space well and are good ball users. Ridley’s marking would be an asset on the wing and Redman’s hardness would be useful around the ball (more upside than Guelfi).

McKenna to the midfield hitting forwards with bullet-like i50 passes is also an option.


Hooker might not be able to take the field today, so there’s a good chance Francis will replace him in the selected side.


And if he was playing at that level now, he would be.


wut? :neutral_face:


We effectively have Gleeson, Ridley, Francis and Redman fighting for two roles in our backline.

All four are talented and all four should be playing seniors.

Ridley and Redman I think can play further up the ground in the short term so they should be trialled throughout this year.

Francis in time can play other roles but for his development I think he should stay back for now.


You could say that about quite a few guys. Thats not really just a francis thing


It’s a whisper.




Anymore than 1 or 2 games at the max and i’d be commencing contract negotiations with another club. If the 2 SA clubs aren’t already whispering sweet nothing’s about him being effed over then they are doing themselves a disservice. He’s a star and apparently Essendon are playing Russian roulette with every game they choose to play him in the magoos.


What’s the benefit of playing Bags, Myers and Clarke over Francis?
100% should be in the AFL team.




Perhaps the coaches think he needs a rocket.


Geez could take a bit for the young fella to come back in, riddles and redman have been brilliant. Ambrose hooker hurls and saad are locks, love him in the side but how we squeeze him in?


Takes Myers place.