#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Not sure he has the tank yet


Watching VFL game.

15 minutes in. Looks disinterested.

Making mistakes, head down.

He won’t be in anytime soon.


He’s a frustrating watch Francis. Clearly talented but whether it is fitness or mental application, he often zones out and gets disengaged from the task at hand. And you always get the feeling he’s one contest away from another niggle.


Average game in VFL with some nice things and some things that showed he was down on confidence and interest early.

Worked into the game.

Not enough for promotion that is for sure.


FWIW, I remember him being beat one-on-one once (though Norf weren’t exactly scary).

And he did some nice things, especially as an inside mid getting the ball out to others.

EDIT: and a bad sideways kick that he was told to do by Hartley. Don’t listen to Hartley. Cost us a point.


Came good 2nd half, and had some impressive moments.


None of those guys play a role that Francis can currently fill.


Yep, second half was much better. Once he got a couple of intercept marks sticking, and passes hitting the target - he really settled.

Sometimes I think he struggles with the variable pace between AFL and VFL. He thinks and acts at AFL level but his teammates are at VFL level and there is often a mismatch.


Full disclosure - Francis is my favourite player. I wanted us to draft him so badly I made peace with our flagging 2015 season only due to the fact that it gave us a chance to draft him.

Having said that, I don’t see him coming back into the side without injury. His start to the VFL game yesterday wasn’t great - granted he was better as the game went on - and the senior side’s back six is looking as good as we’ve had in a long time. I’m really loving the current back seven - they’re so balanced and skilful. They match up on multiple types and provide great intercept and rebound. They are a great combination at the moment.

My hope is that eventually Francis takes the Hurley role and Hurley plays the Ambrose lock down. But at the moment, no one is getting shifted.

I think Francis has attributes that improve the current backline set up, but he’ll need to continue to improve his deficiencies and force his way in. I’m just hoping we don’t lose him before that time comes.


If Adelaide come knocking with a first round pick or similar, what happens then?


you’d have to assume they would, look desperate for an intercept defender with good distribution for most of the this year.


They won’t.
They ain’t offering a first rounder to a bloke playing VFL regardless of his potential.


With these types of trades a first rounder is feasible given that they are gonna have Blues one as well.

So I could see a deal where we get there first (not blues) and we give them a second rounder back.

That’s just how those top draft picks who haven’t cracked it get done.

I’m still flip of the coin as to whether he goes Cale Hooker or full Jason Laycock…

  • Out of contract at the end of 2019. After that sensational finish to last season, you’d think they would have thrown another contract at him already.

  • Requested a trade home during the 2017 trade period. Club was open to facilitating a move, but they couldn’t secure an appropriate deal.

  • Now playing in the reserves. Will really struggle to get back in, considering how amazing our backline looks. And is also competing with Marty Gleeson.

  • Essendon has a surplus of third tall defenders. And wouldn’t mind a first round pick, considering how many we have given away lately.

Call me crazy, but…



He’s not going anywhere nor would we look to trade him.

Needed for post Hurley years

If either Ambrose or Hurls get injured he’d be in but right now they are ahead of him.


You’re crazy.


I agree that we need Francis for the ‘post Hurley era’…but…that doesn’t commence until 2023!

I guess Hooker could fade out sharply, which would open some kind of slot from 2022…

I almost hope that there are occasional minor injuries to share the opportunities around, so that Francis/Zerk still stick with us as we see out the contracts of Hooker/Hurley (and the in-form Ambrose)…If we can pull off this man-management task, it will be fantastic for the KPD stability of our list.


Tend to agree here. So much talent but not sold on he’s want or desire for the contest 100% of the time, just yet,hope I’m wrong but If i were offered a first round for him I’d more than consider it.


Has a lovely kick, great mark and is hard at the contest. Is highly rated around the AFL by those in the know.

I think Essendon would be stupid to trade him, but if they did it would have to be for some currency.

I have no doubt he will develop into a top 10 player at any club. Is no Jason Laycock.


Re watch a few games from last season towards the end

He shouldn’t be playing vfl. Get him in the team