#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


When you have 7 forward talls on your list in Daniher, McKernan, Brown, Stewart, Laverde, Gown and Stringer and 4 of them are injured and one just a kid, and Francis has played there before, then you have no other options.


JW: hold my beer


Francis is a real intriguing one for me. As stated many times, he oozes talent but can’t dominate on a consistent level. He missed an early gimme shot on goal against the Cats, and I wonder if that was swirling around his head for the rest of the game? Noting earlier Blitzer training reports that suggest he can be very hard on himself.

I think an exceptional sports psychologist is what he needs to help him focus on “the next contest” & flick his cognition to " game on ■■■■■■■".

The club has got to fix this dude as a priority.


He either has a tank that lasts for a quarter and a half or simply fades away in interest.

Both are worrying signs, was a copy of his last ANZAC game.

Don’t really mind if he kicks those goals or not, but want to see him impact a game for 4 quarters.


Add Zac Clarke to that injured forward list


Wasn’t the best today but there were others who played way worst.

IMO he needs to give himself 5-10 more metres in his run up for goal. He got no power through his shots yesterday.


I thought he was CLEARLY our second best permanent forward after Stringer. Don’t know why he’s copping it.

Daniher was trash
Walla was utter trash
Bags was utter, utter trash

Parish, Dev and Langford actually did some ok things in the forward line and made space.


Yep as a pretty much first game forward he showed some promise. Understand he looked better in the first half, but that was because we got it near him.

He was never going to come in first up in that forward line against a very good defence and kick 4 goals.


I 100% agree. I also think many other plays need sports psychologists as well, or perhaps just better guidance from the coaches.

He looked really good early to me. He is footballer with loads of talent, and many mental and physical demons (fitness). We need to persevere with him and keep him in the side. fwd back, midfield at times, I don’t care. He is and always will be a confidence player.

Good coaches know how to handle these players. hint, hint


Sure you can. Anyone brought in to play solely due to injuries would be aware that their position in the team is uncertain. Francis didn’t earn his way back into the team, he got a gift of an AFL game from the footy gods. That doesn’t automatically mean he should be in the next week.

I’m not saying he necessarily should be dropped, but the idea his position is guaranteed is IMO a little silly.

I’d add Clarke and remove Stringer. And then recognise that you still have options, as Hooker can play forward and (possibly) Belly with Draper rucking. I don’t have a problem per se picking Francis, but to pretend there weren’t other options is silly.

And given Francis plays best as a tall defender, and you had Hooker, to not try a hail mary and move Hooker forward for me was pretty stupid.


Hurley was keeping Rohan quiet and Hooker is the only man for Hawkins.

To my mind, there were no other options.


Agree that Hooker wasn’t a chance to go forward given the need to keep Hawkins in check. Next week though I can see Hooker forward and Francis back as a realistic option given there is no way Hooker plays on Franklin - if he gets up for the game.

In saying that we should have made this move halfway through the 3rd quarter yesterday. We were not looking likely to win and Hooker could have shown something up forward and we could have learnt if Francis could match up on Hawkins.


I heard Matthew Lloyd earlier this evening say there isn’t a spot for him with Ambrose Hooker and Hurley ahead if him. He didn’t mention Ridley as he obviously forgot him.

Unbelievably, he said that Francis may need to look elsewhere for opportunities? WTF is Lloyd talking about?

Now, I love Matty Lloyd almost as much as his father does but farck me he’s got Francis totally wrong.
Why on earth does he think that Ambrose and Ridley are ahead of Francis long term? Right now, and in the short term maybe yes, but what happens when Hooker retires probably in the next 2 years?

Francis has more natural talent than both of those players combined. He needs a consistent run of games in defence to show again how good he can be.

I have rarely seen so much natural talent in a footballer with his size, unfortunately he just can’t get a consistent long run at it.


If Francis goes anywhere then thats it for me, - seriously. I don’t need much to stop me following this club, and AFL in total. I can’t let go of the poisoned chalice that was the saga, there is no enjoyment for me any more. I go week in week out, more out of habit and in hope the passion will return.

But if we potentially trade a kid with this much talent to keep Ambrose or Ridley then that’s enough to tip me over the edge. You can stick a fork in me, I’m cooked and I’ll be done.

Why are people even mentioning trading Francis as a possibility? Especially ahead of keeping Ambrose or Ridley? Nothing against them but ffs seriously?
And, these fkg coaches and selection committee are really starting to annoy me now.


Don’t let Lloydy and his dinner party anecdotes get to you mate. Francis will be fine.


This needs a thread all to itself.


Watched Adel Freo… Oh my lord, what utter rubbish to watch. However, that’s an option in modern footy… to shut it down, play keepers off, soccer style.
Richmond played a season with Riewoldt their only recognised tall. They played dirty, small ball… fark it, why can’t we do that if the opposition and injuries warrant it? Playing Francis fwd wasn’t the only option and likely did him no favours, confidence-wise.


In the last, when we were desperate move Ambrose to Hawkins, Hooker forward. Hardly perfect, but we needed something.


I don’t think the net result would have been positive with that move. Our fwd supply was dismal, which would have starved Chook, and Hawkins was beginning to come into the game. Not a move I would have made.


Bloke who gets a half playing forward in the VFL as preparation comes in and is the second best forward in a terrible, terrible display of forward line delivery.

Gets bagged.

Keep on truckin’ Blitz.

You glorious wankers.


The only way we should consider trading Francis would be a crazy good offer (like 2 x first round picks). We wouldn’t get that so keep him.

He could be a star of the comp one day. With our ageing defense he could easily slot into the CHB role and become an AA standard player.

Couldn’t believe when we were shopping him around last year and was so happy when no other team was willing to give up a 2nd rounder. Continue to play him.

He has played 10-15 games only. Wait to see how good he’ll be when he gets to 40-50 games