#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Not going to elaborate but Blitzers should be aware that this is not an overly accurate representation of that period.


Something’s not quite right with Francis atm, imo. He looks “fit” but isn’t really “playing fit”, if that makes sense. The game isn’t quite flowing for him like it did late last year, at either level. I’m sure it’ll click for him soon


If you think Franga will stick around waiting for Hooker to retire then you may aswell throw in the towel. He’s not in our best 22 at the moment and if that doesn’t change by mid season you can bet he’ll be on the move. He needs to show a little more than what he has been though.


You blaming his prep. How frigging hard is it to go for the ball

Weak excuse for no second efforts


Francis is immune to criticism a most of the time. Treated very differently to players like Langford.


In what way?

They’re very different players.
What they have in common is that they’re drafted within a year of each other, are comparatively young, and have both (right or wrong) not been given the senior opportunities that they would elsewhere.


There was also the goal that he set-up for Baguley thats seems to be forgotten by some.


For me it’s staggering that he hasn’t been played in the seniors each week.

He hasn’t ‘got going’ or ‘found his rhythm’, but how can you expect him to when he hasn’t been given a run of games in a row?

When we did give him a run of games late last year, he blossomed.

Must play and must play every week. I see no reason he can’t play ahead of Ridley and leave the rest of our defensive structure the same.


A) Yes. Players drilled in one position, repeatedly, for years, several times a week, at a minute level of detail and then slotted in elsewhere. I’m not “blaming” it because he did very well, relative to the rest of the team, despite this.

B) You’re incredibly incorrect on this.


Whose to say they would have got the opportunities at other clubs unless they were bottom of ladder/ in development mode?

Francis for all his talent lacking in fitness/application it seems. Hence Ambrose has been preferred this year & he’s not ahead of Hurley.

It’s a slow burn for Francis IMO but important player for future.

Langford seemingly lacking in competitiveness/ aggression at the man and ball. If you don’t find that you get spat out of AFL system eventually.

Latter half of last year we had obviously no Shiel and Zaka injured so opportunities were there. This year he is back in pecking order as Woosh stated.


I’m to say.
Neal-Bullen has played more games than Langford.


If there is one quality you need in today’s game it’s the ability to play manic. Short, tall… you got to be able to move across the ground with speed and intent.

Unfortunately there is more opportunity on club lists for berserker athletes who can barely kick than there is for slow-moving pure footballers.

One of the reasons why Guelfi and Parish are ahead of Lang and Francis


I’m not comparing them at all. I’m just saying i could go over to the Langford thread and slag him off all day and nobody would really care. People seem to get a lot more defensive with Francis. I’m not commenting on whether either of them deserve it. I don’t like it when people are overly critical of anybody really.


He’s one of the fittest players in their squad who runs himself into ground & cracks in hard.

There is no coasting with him

Sometimes less talented players will have more successful careers based on attitude and work rate

As Patrick Ambrose can attest


I’m not saying Francis shouldn’t be criticised, but he’s played 14 games of AFL. Langford had played 50. You’re damn right he’s going to be treated differently. I doubt many would be trumpeting Francis if he played like this 35 odd games down the road.


Buuuuut…you were saying people aren’t critical enough of Francis?

And odd comparison to make.
lol. Which you totally did.


No i wasn’t. I never said people aren’t critical enough of him. And i meant i wasn’t comparing them as players, which i though you were doing by mentioning when they were drafted etc.


So you’re saying that we’d have played Neal-Bullen about the same as Melbourne has and Melbourne…would not have given Langford as many games?

This is my doubtful look.


Yeah, I have no idea what you’re trying to say.
People are plenty critical of Francis, btw.


Ok. Nice chat.