#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Agreed, couldn’t find the words before but he’s playing as if burdened by something. I know it’s easy to associate this observation with his mental health but he doesn’t look happy. Or, is it simply a case of him being so focussed there’s no outward projection of positive vibes? Whatever it is, he presents as different to the player who lit up the comp late last year. With the game on Sunday, didn’t notice him so much in the first half but he worked really hard in the third presenting as an outlet along the wings.


He got 3 games in a row at the start of the year. All were down on last year’s form. He wasn’t quite right in that Melbourne game. Whether it was the knock he copped during the game or something else.
He hasn’t seemed fit since… whether he is or not. If he is fit enough, then his second efforts should rightly be questioned.

Worsfold didn’t seem overly enthused by his performance in the post match presser. Said he was ok but said they’ll hold him to higher standards than that


Plus it wasn’t last year. It was 2017


He was ok in patches, i dont buy into the 2nd best forward so leave him alone
Just because someone was worse does not mean he can’t be critisized for the handfull of exceptionally poor efforts he made
I still question his dedication to getting his fitness right
And there were a handful of times were he was close enough to impact a marking contest but never made any attempt at all after realising he was not in a marking position for mine that is unacceptable
He does have the talent to dominate in just about any part of the ground but he needs to prove he has the attitude and workrate to match


This is very unusual for Francis, by the way.


That’s a fair assessment. His lack of follow up work and urgency was frustrating. It’s either fitness or attitude. He was pretty average in a couple of games last year until something clicked though. It’s hard to justify giving him games when other players are putting in way more effort.


I agree completely which is what led me to question his dedication to reaching his true potential in part
Obv i have no knowledge of his status re niggles or mental state so i guess those are possible contributing factors


Agree. At the end of last season he was great at every contest regardless of whether it would pay off or not.


Serious question. Who does he replace?

Our backline has been the best thing so far this year. Hooker, Hurley, Ambrose, Ridley and Redman don’t deserve to be dropped. Not to mention, he isn’t playing well enough in the reserves to replace any of them.

He doesn’t replace Daniher or Stringer, and when Brown returns, he will go back to the VFL. He needs to start playing better in the reserves and wait for a spot to open up.

He hasn’t done enough to deserve special treatment.


I think it may be more likely he has ups and downs and the aim is to even it all up.
And not much to do with desire or effort or really wanting to reach his potential. Things can sometime be a lot more complex then first appear.


Mental health issue also play a part.


Yep agreed, I’m not trying to be overly negative on him but more to question whats happening atm that seems to have changed his attitude or ability to impact like he has in the past


Well that’s good know. Was it more so him wanting to be closer to home and us helping him out?


The published version is that he asked for a trade, the club couldn’t get an acceptable offer so he stayed on.


Those two things aren’t separate; they’re very closely related. If he got himself as fit as pretty much all of the other players in our senior team, I would be prepared to bet large amounts of money that his attitude, competitiveness, second efforts and general aggression at the ball would be just fine, and that he’d gain a permanent spot in the senior team and start to have the sort of impact on games that he’s shown tantalising glimpses of. And that most of his psychological problems of whatever nature would disappear as well.

You can argue of course that it’s his psychological problems that prevent him from getting himself properly fit; but in the end it doesn’t really matter whether the egg comes first or the chicken. Fix one and the other will be fixed as well.

I speak from a position of total ignorance of psychology. But I bet I’m right.


You bet you’re right, yet claim total ignorance?
A little odd, that bet!


Definitely something amiss. Always been a great kick but isn’t even striking the ball well.


Plenty of people bet without an appreciation of the odds


So far some have come up with various excuses for the Lad. Mental Issues (and I’m not dismissing this issue as not serious), his injuries and now his lack of preparation to play as a forward.

So whats the excuse for the 2 laconic attempts at goal on sunday. ■■■■ looked like he was having a kick in the park

How long do we have to wait for a pick 5 or whatever he was to actually show us that he has the aptitude to be successful at this level? Its not about skill. Its about want

I hope I’m wrong but he looks like a gigantic fail to me. Fark if Baguley had half his build and skill set


He’s ahead of Ambrose and Ridley in my opinion. Last years performance clearly showed that. Why he was dropped after the GWS game makes no sense. He was singled out, but there’s no way any sane decision supports keeping either of Ambrose or Ridley ahead of Francis, - if it actually came to that.

Right now they have his spot and he needs to get it back. But I don’t trust the coaching panel will have any sense, or knowledge in letting that happen.