#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


You’re right about him needing to earn his spot back. But it shouldn’t be gifted to him. And i trust the coaches do actually know what’s going on and will decide accordingly.


There is no way in the world he’s ahead of Ambrose or Ridley at the moment. I have no idea what games you’ve been watching.
Clearly not the St Kilda or Melbourne games, seeing as you think he was dropped after the GWS game


Francis struggled to fulfill his role in the team - He has another two or three weeks to see if he can improve in this role.


Err… isn’t that what I said?


My point is medium to long term Francis will be a better player than both (in my view).

But right now he isn’t. I’ve stated that for various reasons he can’t get a consistent long run in the team, but when he does he’ll hopefully show again what he did last year. And based on that form he will be a star. We need to get games into him somehow.

For all of the negative posters who amongst you would be happy to see him at another club, versus say Ambrose, Ridley, Gleeson, Hartley and so on.

I would think that most here know the untapped talent that is Francis and I for one would be shattered if he played elsewhere. He’s stated he wants to pay at EFC, but his contract status and lack of games is concerning me.


You stuffed up that quote because that’s not what I said


Take 2 then, this is what you said, - which not in so many words is pretty much what I said.


Umm… I said he’s not ahead of Francis and Ridley. You seem to think he is or should be.
You think he was dropped after GWS game. He wasn’t.
Not sure how we’re saying the same thing


We are saying the same thing, - sort of. I’m saying he’s ahead of them both medium to long term, but I agree with you that right now he’s behind them. It’s up to him and hopefully the selection committee to play him continuously so we can all see the best of him.

I may have stuffed up wrt the game he was dropped from thought it was GWS.

Now, I hope that clears it all up.


Yeah! That’ll be it. STRIKING the ball. Maybe he should just try KICKING the ■■■■■■■ thing


Thought he played well in the first quarter. He certainly wasn’t any worse then danaher. Had terrible delivery most of the day.

Played against the best back line in the comp. The professional blockers. Geelong do this all day long come off there man to block the run of fwds. And of course it’s brilliant play because it’s Geelong. If it’s us it’s illegal.

Id give him another game fwd this week and if it’s not working swap with hooker


the whole game could have looked different had he kicked the goal in the first quarter… seems to me to be a confidence player… let’s hope he starts off well tonight


All you Francis lovers can go get farked

He is useless


Made a couple of mistakes but far from the worst.

His work ethic is up tonight and is presenting well.


Reckon he has been good up the ground.


Probably Myers fault


Will be yet another player who’s development we totally and utterly ■■■■-up.


Back to the twos.


Back to Adelaide. Not upto to it and never will be with he’s down and out attitude.


Looks slow as a glacier.