#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


If he was traded on the ASX

A lot of traders have just shorted his stock


I really dont think that’s the case on this one, seems desire/will power, still looks unfit too.

I don’t think he’s going to suddenly become the player we hoped at another club.


Is not a forward. Everyone on here could see it, yet the coaches can’t


I don’t think either SA club will be banging our door down for him with much currency.


he’s a backman ffs. no need to talk trades until he is played down back where he belongs


Didn’t mention a team. Just Adelaide :joy:


Does the end of the ground determine if he can run for 4 quarters?


Please, blokes is cooked. Fark him off


Or have any interest in the contest


he’s not proactive without the ball in hand. fine, some players aren’t and they are more suited to being defenders. that’s aaron. imo if he is played down back consistently and he fine tunes his kicking he will be very good


Doesn’t matter what he is, forward or backman, when he doesn’t play with the requisite engagement in the game or ability to cover the ground.


Kicking isnt he’s worry he’s a beautiful kick. But if he doesn’t mark it first he’s a liability.





Season is cooked for the club

Play him every game - if possible 1/2 of the games forward, 1/2 the games back

Then make a call on him at seasons end. Perhaps we got a top 10 pick wrong (again)


Francis plays like Langford- low intensity and a lack of interest.
Was hopeless against Sydney for 3 quarters as a forward, and when switched to
the backline was hopelessly outpointed by his opponent who marked and goaled.
To change Essendon’s nice guy, loser culture, these types of players need to be weeded out at season’s end.


Not sure anymore.

The end of last season was so so impressive.
He looked calm, composed, and most of all hungry.

He has started this season the complete opposite, he looks like he doesnt even care at the moment.

I was so into this guy last year but now im thinking if we can get a 1st rounder for him it wouldnt be so bad.

I hope more than anything he comes on again and stays good.


Is it fair to say that the only time Francis has looked decent at either AFL or VFL level is playing loose / 3rd man up in defence, and he’s been borderline inept when tried anywhere else? He’s not going to make it if the extent of his capability is loose man in defence - way too limited in today’s game.


I had a half decent Swans fan next sitting next to us and he actually commented that Francis looked lost out there and devoid of any confidence. He said it was sad to see and that Woosha should just leave him in defence all year. I tend to agree and I haven’t heard much from his mates and don’t know how his mental state is but it can’t be good not knowing from 1 week to another if he is a) even making the side or b)playing forward or back.


See I have some sympathy but as a footballer - having resilience is as much a skill as kicking.

He may not be starring but I thought he was better last night.

All players have to learn to cop ups and downs and produce effort and hopefully skill in thr role they are designated on game day.

He.has no pace. His skill is marking and kicking.

Since the dawn of time the Terry Danihers etc can mark at both ends of the ground.

Its not that hard and its a cop out to say Francis needs his perfect little spot on the half back flank.