#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Francis seemed all at sea against the swans and looked disconnected and uncomfortable. He hardly jumped at the ball and was easily knocked off balance or found himself under a pack. He also takes an inordinate amount of time to get rid of the ball when he marks and by then the opposition have our players covered. Easy targets were missed by hand and foot too. I’m really not sure what he has to offer the team at this stage.


And yet despite everything he wasn’t our worst and had much more impact than our first picked big bodied mid


Not at all himself. Looks soft and timid at the contest. Needs to get his head right. There is a brilliant footballer in there. It’s up to himself and the coaches to bring that out of him.


I’m in the minority here clearly, I thought he lead up and presented quite well, sometimes its the opportunities that he’s not hit up when he should be…the life of a forward.

No doubt he is that loose man intercept defender is his go, but you need to have strings to the bow.

He’s being judged way too harshly also, this is a guy in his 14th game who’s had to deal with a lot.


What a frustrating performance. For every good piece of play he was involved in, and he did lead hard at the ball and take it cleanly a number of times, he’d make a bone headed error or put in a poor effort the next moment.


Plays every game for the rest of the year to drive up currency (hopefully) and trade home.


Looks like a player who has played less than 20 games. We over egged the omelette, and now we’re disappointed he hasn’t yet reached the level of our hype. We are the monsters here. If he plays 10 games forward, improves his fitness, confidence and consistency at the contest, then he’ll be a good tall forward.
Unless there’s an injury down back, that is his pathway into this team.


It’s not our hype. He was a pick 5!
Disappointment comes from ‘losing’ on the Laverde, Langford, McGrath (give me Tarranto or McCluggage), Parish and Francis picks.
We are not commenting on his character (he seems a nice young guy) but his football ability something he is getting paid for.


Looked good, particularly early hitting up at the footy. Persevere with him.


I thought he was a lot better, but I still don’t think he’s ever going to be a forward.


Were you at the game?
I was and behind the goals at Essendon’s end in the first quarter. So very close to Francis.
He was pathetic and that’s being kind.
Pity he couldn’t be subbed out after 20 minutes. Soft as melted butter and appeared totally bored and disinterested.


Calm down, he’s only played 9 games of AFL football.


He is not a forward and never will be. The only time he has looked good is in the backline


I don’t think he’s ever going to be a forward except as an occasional pinch-hitter. Much better as a defender reading the play. He’s worth an occasional run in the centre bounce too, a la Stringer, but we haven’t seen that at senior level yet.

My concern is that he may have had some of his spontaneity trained out of him. He’s such a natural footballer that plays by instinct, as we saw in the last part of last season. I’m concerned he’s been drilled to become a more conventional player judging by his performances this year so far.


His efforts are abysmal

He really, really looks like he can be bothered


It’s crazy. I’d be surprised if he plays again any time soon. Wasted talent.


At half time he was second for us at distance covered.

I think he just run himself into the ground trying to help the team.


He may have run a bit but when you compare his effort to somebody like Redman they’re not even in the same ballpark. It’s disappointing.


I’m not giving him an out or anything but he has been selected by the coach and I can’t fault his passion.

For mine players like Francis, Langford and even McKernan get treated differently to others and don’t play like they belong at this level as a result.

Club talks Francis and Langford up in particular and then mismanage them. Got no issue with dropping players but I do have an issue with the club constantly using them as scapegoats for poor team performances.


Bit hard to be hard on Francis when his team mates consistently kicked it to his opponents advantage

i’d get disinterested to