#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I would have given Clarke more of a go by now.

I know people keep saying his kicking is no good but why have him on the list then. I rate every other part of his game highly.

Other than him we have a lot of small guys and most with questionable skills.

It’s up to the coaches to form a gameplan around what we have though.


Yeah me too, I really like Clarke he probably has a bit more of the Dea type attitude of having a proper crack no matter what
Hard to see him providing less than someone like Myers if given some opportunities


Yep, Clarke would leave nothing out on the ground.

I like Dea as well.


Other than Stringer, there is not a single Tat amongst our squad let along a sleeve. We need to toughen up


Yeah, cause you’re tough if you have a tat
FFS what ■■■■


Who says we’re not tough!


Do you want Carlisle and Reimer’s back?


Tough stickers FTW. (I don’t have any tough stickers)


bellchambers has a new(to my eye) tat. shocker as well. on the back of one of his arms if i remember right. two crossed arrows or something similar.


Instead of this extra man around the contest tactic, why don’t we have the extra man in defence and make it Francis.

That is his strength


I’m covered in them and i jump at my own shadow.


Been really pleased with his first half. His intensity has been top notch. Throwing his body around working really hard. Keep it up Aaron


Slowly but surely now, … Confidence is rising.


Hugely better tonight, worked more and more into the game as it went


Liked his game


Was really good tonight, just worked hard, great intensity. Glad he got the goal and he really deserved it


Much better tonight - good on him.


Just keep playing him


Commentators kept crapping on about Daniher having an ‘almost game’ but I thought Francis played better and had more of an almost game. Nearly took a few really good marks but couldnt quite hold on to them. Played pretty well still and was definitely his best game as a forward, confidence seemed to grow as the game went on. Had a couple efforts in a row that helped set up Shiels second goal


His 1%ers led directly to four goals for us.

Excellent game.