#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


So happy to see him attack the contest with serious intent last night. He was outwardly invested in the game too. And the elation with kicking the goal was so palpable, heartwarming. Super talented player, one that in time will play in all parts of the ground. Current role, albeit out of necessity, is all part of the education. “Should” remain in the team for the rest of the season… let’s hope so.


Imagine if this guy could run a few more kms each game?

That’s what he’s gotta do… The average AFL player runs 12 to 13 kms. He’s nowhere near that and he isn’t a 1st choice KP that can get away with 7 to 8 kms. He’s competing with Brown, Redmond etc… just needs to do a Stringer and get fitter


I vaguely remember he’d covered the most kms in the team at half time last week. Is he really that far off the mark? I have this feeling he’s fit but not getting value from his efforts.


How do you know how many kms he does a week?


One of the most satisfying thing about Franga’s game was how more mobile he is becoming. Was popping up everywhere. Is obviously getting fitter every day.


Still a backman for me

Massive future down there, reads the play so well.

We need to start settling the team structure wise.

We have some forwards to come in. Mozzie and Tippa would be fantastic up forward and create panic and both would feed off each other


Rewatched the first half.

He’s an inside mid. Seriously. His best work was in the pack feeding the ball out. So many of our goals came from his inside grunt work.


Being forced to play forward may show him just how much he needs to improve his tank to become a consistent factor throughout a game.

I still think he will be end up a rebounding CHB, essentially replacing Hurley; if he can improve his running he’d be able to add to his arsenal the ability to consistently break the lines with powerful bursts and also not be exposed by his opponent.



Because he has one attribute, clean hands, he is now an inside mid? Never mind absolutely everything else that is required for that role, this one attribute will carry him over the line, despite him having more stronger and unique attributes suited to key position.


Best hands in traffic since Jobe.

The experts have always said that if he had the tank to play midfield he’d be virtually unstoppable.


So many of our 3 goals in the first half?


He may just get there…


I thought he was excellent. I can see a forward line of joe, stringer and smack with franga that lead up forward playing between the arcs


I can see rebounding defenders licking their lips at the thought of that forward line


Last season he played a bit of inside mid in VFL. He would be rotated from the back half, thru the midfield. It was in the games prior to his call up. He would also go forward as required.


Yep. Way too tall and slow


No vacancy down back, vacancy up forward. Stop saying he has to go back. Some of you buffoons have zero idea about team balance.


So you really see this?
Or just the Jake Stringer/Pavlich 5 mins a quarter


Stalk him


where do we play him in a few weeks when Brown or Smack is available?

Personally I expect Francis will stay in again next week and maybe the following week and Brown/Smack will have to come back through the VFL.
After the bye it will be interesting to see what they do if there are no more injuries to talls in the next few weeks.