#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


The vibe on here that came out of that game is he didn’t kick many goals and he’s not fit and lacks intensity. I’m pointing out that he was in the middle of packs and that his inside work was instrumental in us winning the game. It’s a skill set that nobody has acknowledged and a gap in our side that desperately needs to be filled. He’s not going to become Cripps or Oliver overnight, but it’s not outlandish to say it’s an option for him.


Doubt a decision’s been made. His formline is going the right way even if he’s not dominating.


2 clearances in 16 career AFL games

Not impossible, but I think it’s fairly unlikely ?


What if he kicks 10 goals in the next 2 weeks.

But out of Brown and McKernan, Brown is more important to our structure.


Is it actually a major gap? Or a desperate need? We have been winning or breaking even in clearances


So the criticism is he is not fit and lacks intensity, so the solution becomes throw him in the middle? He needs to be more fit and more intense to play that role than he does to play forward or back.

I mean it’s an option, but yeah.


We don’t have much in the way of bulk or height through the middle. We get out bodied and out marked very often.

Francis has been used at center clearances at VFL level to great success. He hasn’t been thrown in there at AFL level, because he hasn’t had enough experience there. I’m thinking a Stringer type clearance player who can provide marking options through the middle and float forward or back as needed.

Edit - not saying he has the fitness to do this currently. Wait 2 years when Stringer and Francis have built up a serious tank. Weapon.


Im not sure. Stringer and franga arnt true talls. Both athletic, i was real encouraged with franga moving last night. Joe and mckernan are very agile. Why cant it work? Stringer and smack deep. franga and joe roaming.


Hmmm… I wonder who fills that role. :joy:


Can anyone actually name me a game where a midfielder actually hurt us with overhead marking? In, say, the Worsfold reign, so post 2016?

I don’t think height of mids is really relevant these days. You do get Martin & Danger types who rotate forward to take marks, but they generally get a defender on them, not a midfielder.


If he kicks 10 in the next 2 weeks he’d stay in and forward for sure. I didn’t say he definitely goes out but he’ll have to improve to keep the spot.
Last night was a step in the right direction


I get your point on stringer and Franga bit I still think they don’t offer enough defensively if you’ve also got 2 tall forwards in the forwardline. They’ve got pace in spurts which helps but neither of them has the fitness to apply consistent defensive pressure


Moved much better while his decision-making was a class above - Promising signs.


That candy he sold to setup Tippa’s boundary goal was smooth!


I thought he was excellent at chf last night. I especially liked his hip and shoulder to force a rushed behind when we were scrambling in defense at one point. It was good to see him covering ground and his footy smarts just be too good for his opponent. If he took one of those screamers…


He was involved in the majority of our goals to some degree, be it direct involvement or an important smother or interception. Easily the best he’s looked up forward. Worth persisting with until smack/brown are ready to go.


Great kick for goal. Off a few steps too. Stable and repeatable


Loved his celebration after his goal. One of the highlights of the night.




francisgif https://media.giphy.com/media/1extmA2BXXMuZV5GI0/giphy.gif