#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Would help his confidence, especially playing as a forward you’d like to hit the scoreboard.


Still have no idea why he was penalised for that.
You’re going for the ball, an opponent is coming at you, you should brace yourself for contact.
The AFL’s new rules (interpretations) are teaching players to become soft and stupid.
What the AFL should have done was send that clip to all clubs and said “You want to bump - this is how you do it.”


Definitely. It was great to see him get rewarded for his effort.


You could not get a better bump than that.


Anyone know what quarter/time that was? Tried to find it last night but fell asleep.


from 5:12 - celebration at 5:35


I have just looked at the every goal post. Francis had involvement in every goal.
I dont know where the naysayers are coming from.


He had a good game, just didn’t get the rewards himself. I think it’s only time before he starts dominating again.


I counted at least 8 touches in the 10 goals including kicking one himself.

I think he may be a bees willy away from a really BIG game. Lookout.


Looks like a Francis highlights reel.


Loved how he set up Shiels 2nd goal with the effort to get the hand in after going to ground on the 1st marking effort.

I don’t think he is a ‘lazy’ player who gives one effort and then gives up, he just has a poor tank. He reminds me of Walla when he was younger when he struggled with a substandard tank which didn’t allow him to go from contest to contest.


I didn’t see any involvement in Tippa’s 2nd or 3rd goal. But 6 out of 8 is pretty good.




Franky is so talented he could go work in Hollywood if he wanted. Doing an absolutely wonderful impersonation of a quality, creative forward who we know can kick straight.


Yep, I completely agree.

He’ll win us a game off his own boot this year.


Pretend to be good always, and even God will be fooled (into naming you at CHF)


A couple of decent games at the end of 2018 is a poor return over 4 years.
Vastly over rated


He is no good if he can’t mark the ball.


What number would he go in a retrospective draft now? Number 5??


He just had a shocker!

I’d keep him in, mostly because we don’t have anybody else. But also we need to make him work through a bad form patch.