#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


That piece of play when he just had to get it to Tippa free running towards goal.

But no. He takes an eternity and gets mown down.

No awareness or just no clue.

That was diabolical.


He’ll get really good learnings from that.


Is seriously overrated. Has the talent, but is a confidence player. The confidence tank is beyond empty. Woosha has destroyed that by forcing him to continue playing forward. Move him back and build his confidence for a bit. Once his head drops, he is virtually useless out there. He either plays back or should be left out of the side. Sorry, but we can’t keep pretending and hoping.


What happened to his marking?


He reads the play better as a defender. Times his runs and intercepts much better. Presenting as a forward and being able to authoritatively take a pack grab that way is much harder. Defenders are killing him.


100% correct.


We have a bad habbit of playing players in VFL in positions they won’t play in the AFL.

We reward them by bringing them in to play completely different roles.

Is it any wonder they look lost or find it hard to keep up with the game?


Sad but true… I’m afraid we stuffed this pick up royally.
There, I said it.


Even Smack, first game back, although rusty, clunked a few. Didn’t see Franga clunk any decent pack ones.

Yet another part of John’s coaching that frustrates the hell outta me. And if it isn’t working in games, then it isn’t too late to switch him with say Hooker. Older coaches tend to be stubborn.


He needs to be back. Swap him with Hooker. At least Hooker likes playing forward


Stuffed the pick up? Nope. Franga would be a gun in a team which played him consistently in the correct position


Late last year he was being hailed as a future star by all the commentators. Now Essendon’s ‘system’ is turning him into just another in the long line of once-had-promise Essendon plodders.


You could see that Walla had turned his back so Francis was looking at his back, he was calling for Walla to turn around… in hindsight he should of just released the ball and gained space.


Despite all his failed marks and getting mown down he had two reallly really bad bits of play in the last quarter.

I can’t remember who they were but we had two shot at goal that were touched on the line by Grimes (Francis was his direct opponent)

I think it was the first one (maybe it was Redman) but the shepherding on the line by Francis was non existent, it should have been a clear goal to us but Francis lacked the game sense and forward nous to shepherd the ball through. Stringer would have done this 100%


Echoes of Hurley here: Fwd or Back. Clearly he’s being played fwd out of necessity + it’s not doing his confidence any good. Are we ruining the development of yet another player?
Play him back before we lose him for good.


For a guy his size and supposed strength… He gets moved around in marking contests far too easily, and he rarely stands up in a tackle.

I do think we may have overrated this guy to an embarassing level.


He’s a defender. Put him there, leave him there and within a few weeks he’ll prove his worth. If we don’t want to, plenty of other clubs do.


I agree, he may be able to swing forward when games are in the balance but in everyday terms he needs to be placed on the HBF and left there.

Unfortunately, with Hooker, Hurley and Ambrose all playing decent footy there is no spot for him.

I’d look at trading him at years end but I don’t think he would attract sufficient value to his talent and as such is worth persisting with rather than moving on.

Edit: should we try go with Hooker, Hurley, Francis back and Smack and Ambrose forward. At least Ambrose will bring some grit to the forward line that it’s lacking.


Sure he is a defender and would play better footy from a HBF but does that excuse his lazy and/or soft efforts while being used as a forward to fill a hole in the side?
For mine he should be busting his ■■■■ to help the team in whatever role he is needed to fill

Parish is not a half forward and did not play his best games when he was put there but his effort was still unquestionable


I think he is a bit of a tease