#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I’d try Hooker forward again and have Ambrose and Francis supporting Hurley down back. Hooker was moved back when Ambrose was injured and our defence was in tatters. Now it’s our forward line that’s a mess. Hooker is our Mr Fix it.


Quite ironic that we’re questioning his attitude when hes played out of preferred position. We did pick him as our Carlisle replacement.


Playing third key defender next to Hurley and Hooker, it’s one of the easiest jobs in football. Can we not say he needs that to play well.


I think Hooker is too important to our backline and can act as an onfield coach to Francis. Hookah isn’t going to be around much longer, he needs to become that obfield coach to our emerging talls, getting them ready for when he and Hurley retire.


To a degree. But Francis with confidence seems to have a far different level of strength to Francis with no confidence. And that confidence seems to ebb and flow with the movements of an obscured moon.


Forward he is bereft of all confidence. For team balance, Hooker forward and Francis back makes more sense than the other way around. Once again Woosha recognized the need to move Cale forward, but far too late in the game to have any real impact. He is too reactionary. As a coach his performance is insipid, as a player he was inspiring and dynamic. There is a huge disconnect between the way he played and the way he coaches.


Wholeheartedly concur, CJ, and couldn’t put it any better myself. I continue to be confounded by his Superman as a player, Clark Kent as a coach split personality.

Granted, I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, however, for once, I would like him to go on the record & categorically state that such performances are unacceptable. I’d like to see him admonish the group as a whole & make a bold statement publicly.

The team are looking to him for guidance & he is simply holding up a mirror. Woosha is the ultimate facilitator coach. This group doesn’t need that, IMO. They need a ruthless coach that finds a way for them to improve or starts ending careers. This belongs in another thread, so soz.


Only took us 6 months to drain all the talent and spark out of him

EFC is the actual worst

How many players careers will they let Woosh ruin?

What a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■.


A poster last week said that Frank was involved in assisting every one of our goals v Freo. I checked, and think he was wrong. There was one goal we kicked where I couldn’t see Frank’s positive influence in the chain. Otherwise he was an important link in creating all of the other goals. Last night he played tall forward in the pouring rain and was ordinary, like most of his team mates until the sun came out for 15 minutes in the last.
Too many drama queens with goldfish memories on here.


Backline is his only real go.

I dont.watch a heap of VFL but I remember people talking about potential for midfield on occasions. Boy oh boy. Thats never happening.


Far too many. The most prominent thing that’s “wrong with this club”. Some of them are more than drama queens…they’re deadset ■■■■■■■ arseholes.


Aaron seems to lack an awareness gene and he is caught ambling along with the ball far too often. He needs to move the ball on quicker too after marking. Play him back so he can run straight at the ball.


There aren’t too many forwards tearing the game apart in their first 20 games.


You can make all the excuses you like, but he’s his fourth season and he’s still not very good.
I know that most of us are invested emotionally about this guy and want the best for him, but at some point the buck has to stop.


I’ve been saying this for weeks. He’s only good as an intercepting defender. People over-rate him and think he has to be played regardless of position. It’s a mistake.


He shouldn’t have played last night considering the conditions, especially up forward.


Backman stop the experiment


He obviously has the size, the athleticism and the skill needed to be a very good player.

The question on him, like many of our players, is whether or not he has the right psychological makeup to perform at the top level.


I thought he was pretty good last week an is clearly playing out of position.

Francis lastnight attacked the ball in the air like he would usually but nothing would stick in the conditions. As soon as he does that he basically eliminates himself from the contest at ground level so needs to learn when to fly for the ball and when to stand his ground and try and bring the ball to ground for the sweepers. Hurley is very good at doing that.

It must also be noted that Grimes is Richmond’s best pure defender and one of the best in the league.


Last week he was dominant at ground level. Winning the ball in packs in our f50 and feeding a pass out to a player in space to score.

He can do this.