#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Francis is so laid back and lacking in intensity than he makes Langford appear manic.


Marking tall plays awefull in the wet, who would of thought.


We are nearing the halfway point of the season:

  • We haven’t heard anything about his contract status.

  • He isn’t able to play in his correct position. Don’t think that will change.

  • I actually think both Redman and Ridley have overtaken him this season.

  • It’s looking like some changes will be made at the end of the season.

What do we think is going to happen? I think he is going to leave. I have said for months that all of the signs are right in front of us.


mark kick player, once it hits the ground we are a man down, attitude is shiit house, look to get something for him at the end of the year.


100% this, Played what 4 half decent games in he’s career? Jason Cloke like, 3rd man up defender or nothing


LOL you all judging a marking forward on a wet night… seriously???

He was very good last week.

Please don’t do a Woosha and drop a youngster after 1 bad game like he has been doing to Parish (who is starting to shine after a run of games) and Ridley


Francis, Parish, Redman, Begley, Laverde, Langford, McGrath play all games for the rest of the season.

We need youth!

We have traded away 3 first rounders in past 3 years.

Give these guys a proper run to get some continuity and confidence!


Tom Lynch, aka the “best player in the competition”: 3 kicks, 2 handballs, 1 mark, 2 goals (cough).

Aaron Francis, aka “get rid of him now”: 3 kicks, 9 handballs, 3 marks


I don’t think he should be dropped, but it’s not his output that’s annoyed people. His awareness was terrible on Saturday. Just a bad game though.

He needs to play in defence. It’s where he reads the game best.


Awareness is a mixed bag
He hand balled well to advantage
He got chased down from behind
Which also happened to Dusty- do the Tigers drop him for lacking awareness?


I said i don’t think we should drop him. But let’s not make ridiculous comparisons.

Dusty had 35 touches and over 700 metres gained in the wet.


I was picking you up on the generic use of ‘awareness ‘ - Francis has excellent awareness on the field
What he doesn’t have is experience as a forward- though the creative nature of forward play actually suits him better


It was a criticism of that particular game, not him as a player in general. He did lack ‘awareness’ and it was evident. Like i said, he just didn’t have a good game. This was what stood out. He should be playing and it should be in the backline.


Being a first round pick literally guarantees you 10 years at Essendon.


What’s this rumour on Deesnation…

Surely not true?


Care to elaborate?


Not sure it’s worth repeating, especially if it’s not true.

But basically Aaron was in an altercation with someone at the club…


I don’t even know what a deesnation is


Forward group review

Corrigan - “you weren’t good enough”

Francis - “what would you know?”


The footy equivalent of an AA meeting.