#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Overrated ? were you blokes saying this last year - doubt it.

He’s still a kid ffs, with less than 25 games under his belt. He’s shown plenty in his extremely short career thus far.
Wish you all would cut the kid some slack , if he’s played in defence week in week out and learns from Hooker and Hurley the sky is the limit.

I’ve seen plenty of footballers over the years and he is one of the most naturally gifted players I’ve ever seen.

His lack of development is attributed to the coaches, put the blame where it belongs not at the kids feet.


You can’t blame the coaches for his fitness levels being wayyyy below par as per his application to football over first few years of his career


:thinking: So you admit he has talent, but we wouldn’t get a decent trade regardless of his talent and you would look at trading Francis and keep any of Ambrose, Gleeson, Ridley, BZT,Hartley,Dea :man_facepalming:


His fitness level can be worked on with multiple preseasons fixing this. Development takes time and being played in the right position week in week out, Natural talent you are born with.


Please repeat if it’s not true put a rider in it. What Altercation?


His loooong and frustrating 19 game career?

Give it a fucken spell mate.


45 games less than the “kid” picked just before him in the same draft
Francis has more talent but less of everything else
I’d hazard a guess thats the main reason for frustrated comments such as the one you’ve quoted


Francis has endured tragedy terribly, much more than a teenager or any person should have to go through. please don’t ever throw a garbage line like that again.


Yes he has As have many of us, its not a garbage line in any way
If you don’t believe Parish has more determination, discipline, toughness, confidence, will to push himself etc then you are deluded

And before we get too sensitive let’s not forget we are discussing these men’s attributes as Footballers not their value as human beings in general


Save me from my delusion and tell me how you subjectively measure these characteristics in one person over another.

You’re getting personal which means you’ve failed in your points.

Don’t bother responding as I don’t engage with people who act and respond like immature children.
Have a decent unemotive discussion by all means but don’t throw barbs or you can simply choose to leave the chat.


Honestly Blitz is just nonsense.

A young player is asked to play key forward on a wet really tough night against the best pressure team and he struggles. Tom Lynch did nothing too, you think Richmond fans are saying drop him. No they are not. Blitz response is drop him, he is overrated and we wasted pick 6 blah blah. What utter nonsense.

Same people talked about Parish being a dud, then he plays well and the tune changes.

Give young players a chance, particularly if they are asked to play a different position because all the other key forwards are injured.

The worst thing the club and coaches could do after a game like that is drop Francis.


I judge these attributes by watching them both play football (which is the only thing I am judging them on)
One pushes himself to contest after contest, works hard both ways and is getting everything he can out of himself
The other at times plays as if disinterested, lacks the fitness base to run out 4 quarters of football and often looks defeated (in his body language) before the contest is actually over

I may not have worded every aspect of my posts perfectly but I have not gotten personal in any way, however as you don’t know me or anything about me so how about you don’t presume to judge my character - pot——kettle

I appreciate and understand the hard times that Aaron has gone through because I have had to endure very similar circumstances in my life multiple times as do many many others

The reason I compared these 2 is because they arrived at the club at the same time and have started their respective careers working under the same coaches, fitness staff etc so from a purely football standpoint they have had the same development regime (I realise they are very different types of players)

It is in no way a character attack on Aaron but as i said I believe he has superior talent but lacks other attributes which could advance his career rapidly
It’s not a rare thing in football or indeed any sport to see the most talented exponents struggle with other aspects of a professional career
Often being able to naturally do things others never could makes the adjustment of having to work extremely hard for a career more difficult

And lastly I choose to continue to respond and not remove myself from the thread, this is a public discussion forum, if thats not your thing feel free to take your own advice
Hopefully you stay and continue to contribute otherwise whats the point of these boards

Edit: for the record I do believe he will get there eventually although i get as frustrated as any other supporter does at times


Absolutely no point writing him off or harshly judging him when he isn’t playing in his natural position, we already knew he wasn’t a forward.


I liked how he hit the footy full on a couple of times through traffic. Good speed actually.

It’s not falling his way at the moment but I thought there were a few signs that he was at least trying to find a way to change things.


We saw at the end of last year what he is capable of, absolute beast in that last game against PA. Currently being asked to play KPF something he is not but is still competing.

People who wanna trade him, based on his current form we’d be lucky to get a 2nd pick. I’m not willing to give up on him for a ■■■■■■ pick in the draft and I sure as hell hope the club don’t either.

Next season our key backs will be Ambrose 29, Hurley 30 and Hooker 32. There’s no way we can afford to let Francis go


Certainly a step forward the last two weeks in that regard, I think many would/will be encouraged enough by him continuing to show improved effort to impact games
I don’t think many realistic supporters expect him to become a star forward out of no where


Where did I judge your character? I asked that you refrain from stating objective criteria as a measurable subjective criteria. How do you know Francis doesn’t push himself? Yes that’s your view but don’t make it sound like its a given. This is a perception you have which I don’t agree with.

The 2 players play intotally different positions, when Parish was languishing on a HFF there were people ready to trade him.
The same with Francis he is being played out of position, yet last year everyone was hailing him as the new coming. He’s just a kid ffs with 20 games under his belt.

I honestly wish we all saved the harsh criticism on the kids and redirected it to the real culprits like the 10 year players with multiple preseasons under their belts.


The major difference is I don’t see anything I have said as a harsh criticism, for starters my original post was actually just an optimistic defence of a fairly stupid post

I have faith that Aaron will learn/adapt to the work rate and extreme drive required to be the player he could be but in my opinion at the moment he often looks like he is not up for the harder work but wants to rely on his (obvious) talent

I did not enjoy the output/impact of Parish as a forward but certainly was not one screaming for trades etc because to me his work rate remained a positive

Anyway as I have already said a few times the last two games have been a step in the right direction as far as Aaron’s effort levels and hopefully that continues to build

As far the personal stuff I take being labelled an immature child as a judgement of my character but let’s just be adults and discuss football


Agree but I also took offence to being called delusional for my differing opinion to yours.

Ok onto football matters.
We look forward to the days when the coach plays him in defence again for an extended run of games so he can show again how he really can play. Last year there was no lack of urgency, plenty of desperation, classical high intercept marks and so on.

I’d just like to see the lad played in his position so he can continue to learn and develop for the rest of the year but with this coach I doubt it.


I believe (or hope) that being used as a forward for however long won’t harm his development too much
It didn’t seem to do too much damage to Hurley!
All I really hope to see is that he continues the upward curve in effort and work rate and best case he learns to adapt a little more ad possibly develops some forward craft I would think it could help him as a defender in the future