#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


This is basically the situation. We either persist with him or get peanuts in a trade. They need to send him to the VFL until a spot in the back-line opens up. He’s a really good defender. Surely playing him forward isn’t doing much for his confidence. I’m not surprised that sometimes he goes missing.


This whole ‘not doing much for his confidence’ doesn’t fly with me.

The amount of times you hear players state … “I’ll play wherever the coach needs me to” is how it should be

He’s not needed in defence in senior side as the key trio back there are ahead of him and he doesn’t have the tank to play a HBF role.

So forward it is at present where we need him. He’s played forward plenty as a junior. Yes it’s not as natural for him and it’s always harder than playing defence but so be it. Give your all to play that role.

100% he’d rather be playing seniors than reserves like all players do anyway.

Being able to play both ends competently will do more for establishing him in the team in future too.


He needs to play for the remainder of the year even if that means playing out of position.

The kids got bucketloads of talent and now he needs to learn how to impact games when things aren’t going his way.

He wont learn that in the VFL.


People freak out about Langford and Parish being played out of position but it’s fine for Franga?


Well, you’re just a poo poo face and you look like a donkey’s bottom.


How you can have seen the Freo game and not see that he can play forward is beyond me. The guy was DIRECTLY involved in 6 of our 8 goals… and mostly from pure scrappy effort.


Sounds like he has a distinct case of the “Jobe’s”, based on that assessment, providing it is accurate.


I suppose ‘this coach’ has relied on the new defensive measures coach to assess whether Aaron fits down back at this point. Presumably the new coach has said to ‘this coach’ - sorry find somewhere else for him to play as we’re doing just fine down back. Where else do you play Aaron ?
Probably up forward to further his learning and development in the game of AFL.
Pretty sure Aaron might pick up a few tricks from some handy opposition defenders for the times he does go back when the situation demands it.


Well it’s an accurate reflection of my opinion at the very least

I see a little early Jobe, hopefully he has that major light bulb and turns himself into top flight Jobe
(Obviously I dont mean a midfielder, just workrate and intensity)


Marking forward struggles on a wet night with poor delivery. Delist.


Only because you persist in the belief that Francis is a back, and nothing more.
I, and others, don’t share that opinion.

He’s played his best games to date as a back, but certainly had his moments as a forward in the Twos, despite being grossly unfit. It was his request to be moved back to regain confidence- not because he couldn’t play forward, but because the game, especially at VFL level, is easier to read down back.
Fast forward a year and a bit - Franga is fitter, he is not being dropped when things don’t fall perfectly, so long as he puts in the effort, (see Hookers comments about him this week) which actually helps his confidence in the medium term, and he’s got the ability to tear a game apart as a forward.

All this is much better than relegation to the Twos backline.


What do you think his best position should ultimately be?


■■■■ these posts are getting annoying, quote the person you think is saying this
And even for those that do want him sacked, you reckon they’ve come to that opinion off one game?
If you think someone is that stupid why even bother posting?


This thread is great


The position that wins us a flag.
Facile I know, but he is an extremely gifted footballer, with the ball, and in his vision of where to best use it.
Back when he started and I watched him closely I’d hoped for a Roughead type forward who does bursts in the midfield. But we’ve got Stringer doing that now, and Franga’s aerobic capacity may take a couple more years or never to play that role.
So in terms of his best position in the next two years - remembering that’ll only take him to 60 odd games or so - I’m happy to develop him as the classic team needs tall utility- play a patch forward, but swing back if required through injury or match ups. Maybe Give him a burst at centre bounces while Stringer is injured. I’d be shocked if at some stage one of Hooker, Hurley or Ambrose didn’t miss games over the next two years, which may mean a longer stint down back.

It is partly a rounded development and partly team needs. At some stage Franga will make a role his own, and team needs will be adjusted to suit his strengths, as they have been with the Hurley/ Hooker combination down back.


Maybe I’m venting at the general theme in this thread. The negativity towards Francis is seriously bugging me.

1st game as a forward, not brilliant, to be expected.
2nd game, involved in 75% of our goals.
3rd game, saturated conditions. Wasn’t great, neither were the Richmond talls.

I think people need to chill out for a few weeks and let the guy have a decent crack at this role before we change the entire team structure around him.


I get sick of it too. Why do we have to use our young guys as whipping boys? They need encouragement and support. The guy has played less than 20 games ( and some of them excellent) but people are writing him off.




I don’t think anybody is writing him off. He’s one of the more loved players.


Read all the utter morons posting on the weekend.