#10 St Francis of the Rising Star




Ruck coach to be specific


He had a bad game in ■■■■ conditions, let’s not overreact.


Oh right. I try to avoid this place right after a game. It gets a little to nuts for me.


Just play him in the backline FFS and we wouldn’t even be having these discussions.


Ohhh please dingleberry, Whip those rose coloured glasses off , been in the system for 4 years so give me a farkin spell. Wouldn’t be in the top 25 in he’s draft year. let’s hope for Aaron’s and some of our delusional supporters sake we can play at marvel every week in perfect conditions, and he’s gets to roam around as a floating defender without accountability, we can get a glimpse of that monstrous 3 week patch he had again :+1:


Perhaps your memory is faulty.

His best games late last year were not at Marvel:

  1. Against the Tigers at MCG he was superb in the first half as a “floating defender” before being moved onto a rampaging Caddy early in Q3 after Caddy had kicked yet another goal on Dea. Francis totally shut down Caddy from that point including beating him in a straight out 1:1 marking contest near the Tigers goal.

  2. Last game of the season against Port, at Port. Played an excellent game floating or manning up.


The problem in its self is we can remember the exact grounds and games on one hand where he got near it. Anyways hope he proves me wrong , good kid by all reports just not sold on he’s intent and desire to be successful.


Dons close in on signature of uncontracted top-10 pick

ESSENDON is closing in on the signature of Aaron Francis, with the out-of-contract top-10 pick heading towards a new two-year deal.

Francis’ current deal expires at the end of this season, but AFL.com.au understands the 21-year-old is set to extend his stay at the club until the end of 2021.

The No.6 selection from the 2015 NAB AFL Draft is into his fourth year at the club and has registered only 17 games.

However, seven of those have been this season – the most of any single year – where he has played mainly as a forward given Essendon’s shortage of marking options in attack.

He has been named in the backline for Sunday’s clash with Carlton at the MCG.

Francis showed the best form of his career late in 2018, when he played the last five games of the year and took the eye with some brilliant aerial exploits.

Although yet to build consistency in his game, Francis is regarded as one of Essendon’s purest talents.

He requested a trade out of Essendon at the end of 2017 back to South Australia, but after no deal was struck, he remained at the Bombers.

At the start of last season he stepped away from the club to deal with a mental health issue, before returning after a month’s absence.

Francis, who is settled into Melbourne, has again attracted the interest of the clubs from his home state, but is expected to recommit to the Bombers, possibly within weeks.

Essendon does not have an extensive out-of-contract list this year, although small forward Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti and Darcy Parish, who was drafted with the selection before Francis in 2015, remain unsigned beyond this season.


With only 3 key players uncontracted beyond this season, Dodoros workload would not be through the roof, surely ? Get it done.


We need to lock down:

Second tier:
Dylan Clarke

There’s a few others but these are priorities.


Surely our low ruck stocks mean Draper should be a first tier priority? TBC is on his last legs and ZClarke wont be around long.


Only reason is because he’s unproven at the level. But yes i’d be jumping on him.


Based on this year’s form, I would say Redman is more important than Walla. I am a big fan of Brown but I think Ambrose is more important than him too.


Not just on the weekend.


Glad to hear Francis will be sticking around.

He’s done the team thing this season and will get another opportunity down back before long


Sorry they weren’t in order. Just 2 different groups. I agree with what you’ve said and think Parish, Redman & Ambrose are top 3.


Close to signing a two year deal huh


In order of importance:

Walla (low because there’s zero chance he’d leave IMO)



Guelfi ahead of Brown and Ambrose?

Key position depth is far more critical than a small role player irrespective of ages.