#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I know he’s not a forward but wowee boyoboy he sucked again


not sure what the ■■■■ he is doing up forward tbh. defender or bust.


First to admit I’m really hard on him and probably a little to much, but another ordinary display today. Does he keep he’s spot?


One touch in that second half (a handball). To repeat what I said last week, he is bereft of confidence right now. You can see it. I honestly feel for him. He is a competent defender, but is being forced into a very difficult role at the moment. I’m happy he is in the side and think we should get as many games into him as possible, but would like to see him moved back.


I reckon Mitch Brown should come in as CHF asap. He offers run and structure,
Francis back to the VFL until a space in the backline becomes available i.e. one of Hurley, Hooker or Ambrose unavailable.


I think he’s going ok. does lots of blocking, creative taps etc. Demands a defender as he has that X-factor about him. That forward entry in the 1st was beautiful. Stays in at least until Stringer is back or if a spot opens up down back (with hot competition from BZT)
We need to keep this young group playing together.


Also did a lot of sacrificial/leading creating a lot of space behind him.


Yeah he wasn’t that bad at all. However with how well Ridley is going down at VFL atm, Francis could do a with a little rest just as Ridley has.


Wasn’t that bad? Sheesh!

That odd time he got the pill he just blindly hand balled it to nowhere

On what Ive seen this year he should not be in the side


Like next week? I think there’s a week off.


On that basis, back to the magoos, because he sure isn’t displacing anyone in the backline!


Good thing was. that even though he was completely ineffectual he tried, gave the 1%s and didnt drop his head.

Needs a spell though


Once again he shouldn’t have been played out of position in the wet.

Swervin’ Irving should have been blooded in his stead


I’ll rewatch the game, but at the ground he didn’t seem to be a liability. Had a very similar game to McKernan.

All I really expect from a tall forward in the wet is to bring it to ground and break up packs.


He is clearly a defender, but I thought he competed well and did a few good things today.
Much better than last week when he stank it up.
Eventually he will settle down back, but no injuries and great form fromAmbrose, Hooker and Hurley mean he is the one sacrificing his game to provide a contest up forward. Keep playing him and it will pay dividends as he gains confidence and is ultimately sent down back.


He played like a tall trying to slog it out in the wet. He will be better next game in the dry.


Reckon some of you are just flogs. He was hard in the contest and played a solid game. Watch the replay, he was the bloke in the forward line getting the ball out to those who kicked goals.


I agree he was instrumental in bringing others into the game. Not sure about whether others are flogs


Biggest asset is his marking, and the conditions today rendered that a non factor.

Didn’t seem to be a liability or really mess up badly as far as I recall.

There are no spots in the backline so he probably just needs to commit to the role he is being given each week.

If he’s any good, he’ll work it out.


He is playing in a position where he can get a game, he isn’t playing well but it’s all good experience. I don’t see him going backwards because he plays a half dozen games out of position. He is a fair way off it mind you.