#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Well let’s throw him back finally next week against a very dangerous forward line combination under the roof and see where he’s at. Don’t see a matchup that doesn’t worry me against hawthorn though, Gunston,impey, Breust , Puopolo , Lewis, all pretty quick


Rather I think he needs more experience in the ones.
Just needs to be a bit more aggressive at the ball at times -
its a confidence thing.
He is still a work in progress.


If we want to develop with as a forward I think a spell back in the VFL to hopefully kick a few bags of 3 or 4 would be good for him


Playing his role for the team.


No need to when you are actually at the game, questionable statement with the gifting of goals to team mates too . Didn’t touch it inside 50


I was at the game, and thought he hardly touched it. I have just re-watched the first half and he did a number of nice things, and was involved in a number of score involvements. Was in no way poor in the first half. I expect the replay to confirm he dropped off in the second half but his first half was decent in my opinion.


Agreed, first half wasn’t bad, played he’s role I suppose, second half non existent, 1 handball I think


Ok first half. Does a lot of smart one percent things and played a role. I really want him to play ones. But brown and smack offer more atm.


He’s a backman… simple. He would’ve done no forward craft over pre season and would still be learning how to play they role.
Some guys like going towards the ball. Francis is a guy who likes the ball going to him. A bit like Hurley in that regard… no where near the attack on the footy Hurls has but reminds me a lot of how lost Hurley looked at times as a forward.


Don’t give a Fark about your heat map, watch the replay and see the work he did to assist goal from others.


Except for the leading, marking, doubling back and kicking goals that I saw him doing with trainers on the smaller oval during the preseason.


It’s not just the assists, but the creativity of them that stood out.
Yeah there was one blind handball that didn’t work.
But he was ignoring easy options to choose really smart ones that opened play up, shepherding after being involved, and didn’t drop his head or take the selfish path.
It’ll pay off personally for him soon


Bunch of numpties.
Play the farkin kids, they say.
Then when the kid starts to learn his craft, trade him, they say!


I thought he and Mackernan were great, They halved contests all day allowing us to either reset at a stoppage or have ground balls to scrap for.


FarkCarlton mate saying he is hearing scuttlebutt that FCFC are into Franga. Anyone heard anything? Thought the last mail on him was that he was close to re-signing.


Lol, somebody in the Parish thread just said the same about Parish.

They honestly think a club that’s going to win consecutive wooden spoons and has no coach is appealing to talented young players?


Carlton has heaps of holes on their list. Third key position players isn’t one of them.

Curnow and McGovern forward.

Matchbank and plowman back.

I don’t see why they would target Francis, when they need so much else.


All list managers will be “into” all players coming out of contract. Test the waters to see if they are a chance. It’s what they are meant to do. Doesn’t mean they will want them even if they want to leave. Or that the player will leave even if they are open to offers.


Did he play today? Don’t think he did… You’d think direct swap for Jake


Doubt it. Mitch Brown working up and down the ground in Perth will be the go.