#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Yes and Paul Cousins noting he had him in the top 3 best on the ground




just fkg do it. one full senior game then the rest the immediate week after will allow him an easy transition into senior footy. Give us supporters something to fkg watch the games for


Ridley has played 3 games at the level and the Richmond game would have been a serious reality check for him, ( as it was for most of the defenders) . Its probably time to give Francis a block of games.


He will come in this week for sure IMO

If we’d beaten Richmond would have been hard to change winning side but got smashed.

Built his fitness up, series of strong performances in 2’s so it’s time.


maybe something to do with the fact that for the 1st 2.5 years of his career Aaron has either been unfit, injured, or depressed or any combination of the above. He’s only now got his body in a position where he might be able to run out a game at senior level and his head is in a good place.


Ridley would’ve gone out regardless. He’s found it a lot tougher after his debut.


I hope he plays. Replacement for Dea or Ridley If they rest him.


Ridley’s getting dropped…


I think he debuted against Brissy and from memory it was the team his brother supported so hopefully gets a chance this week


Ridley got a dream game to debuit in, their team defence was a rabble and we owned the space down back.
Richmond applied massive pressure and Ridley found it tough, although he tried his best. He needs another pre-season, build some core strength particularly abductor strength, so they can’t just push him away so easily
and more weight. He has the skills and is a super kick . He will be back.


I thought Ridley was decent down back. I like his size agression and speed. I think he can play on smaller types so bringing in Francis for Dea could be a glimpse into the future.

B: Hurley, Hooker, Saad
HB: McKenna, Francis, Ridley


agreed. good taste of senior level and plenty of encouragement from his first couple outings. Back to the VFL to build on that and continue you to develop physically.


When are you going to play the frang?
Why aren’t you playing the frang now?
And so on… So please the frang.


Needs to play.

Is hard as nails and courageous as well as a very good kick.

Hopefully this week.




We aren’t making finals this year so I can’t understand how Francis would come in for Ridley, we need to play the young players if anyone it should be Dea or even rest Goddard.


It’s the other stuff dermie inserts into his head region that causes him to be a moron


I understand that sentiment. We also have Redman who can play down back, and while its encouraging that he is getting multiple BOGs in the VFL, maybe we should just let him stay down there and get more midfield experience then come in if any more midfielders suffer injuries…


We always keep our kids in the reserves when they are smashing down the door.

You could find 10 players positions he could fill in the seniors so it’s time to reward consistent good form.