#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Kicked a nice set shot from 60 in the VFL highlights on the club site.


Saw him just before at work, again looking very fit and happy. To me he seems to have grown a little.


good to hear, i hope he gets a game soon


if guelfi comes into brady’s work donningtons gonna throw a fit. heffsgirl too.


Did you grow a little?


Reckon Hurley or Goddard should be in the VFL before Ridley


He’s in career best form.

It sounds like it been a very challenging period for him. But clearly he has/will come out the other side learning much more about himself.

I’m sure the club has had a good opportunity to reflect on the way they have dealt with him since he arrived at the club.
It looks like it’s been a good lesson for everyone, especially the supporters imo.

We now have a kid who was pick 6 in the draft, looking like he’s going to fill his potential as a footballer. He has an abundance of ability. Get excited to see what he makes of an incredible career.


Stop talking sense


I’m not going to disclose that haha


Guelfi is way too high class for revs. Doesn’t even need girls to get into clubs.


That is living on easy street.


I don’t think there’s a spot for Mason in the side right at the moment. Not unless you want to move him down to a wing and give him a chance to fill in for Zaka.


Could he not play goddards role across half back?


You could push McKenna up to wing.

EDIT: or Guelfi, who seems to be moved pretty much everywhere.
Or (as others have said) rest BJ.


That would be his ideal role I’d say WOB. He could be devastating to opposition sides playing that role.


what is his field kicking like?

I thought the Goddard role is played well by Hurley to be honest.

I always like BJ forward of centre, delivering the footy right down the throat of our forwards

yes that last sentence sounds a little wrong, but also so so right.


Silk Vanders…pure silk.


Especially in Melbourne.


I would be open to that.

I liked the look of him there in his first season.

I think he needs to be rewarded for consistently high level of football.


Well I am sold. bring the kid in.

Especially against Brisbane. He will have a little more space. Has to be played.

forward or back