#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


I wouldn’t think so.
Goddard distributes the ball by foot, whereas Mason is more a run and carry man.
Different role altogether.


With Ridley looking like an out with injury time for Franga to come in.


Ridley is more likely than not to be right to play. But if he doesn’t make it, Francis could certainly be an option.


I know they’re both red heads but this is the Francis thread.


Around the bye was always when it would realistically be the earliest to bring him in. Has done everything right in the 2’s and a spot removing Dea/Ridley is his this week I am feeling.

It’s time.




Yep, game or 2 before the bye then a break before launching into the back half of the year


2 would be extraordinary!



He will probs get picked and play forward


This weekend or never Worsfold




I think he’ll play because he deserves to play, but also because these kind of selections offer hope.


46 years ago it was time for Gough Whitlam.
This week Its Time for Aaron Francis




Alllllllll aboardddddddd!




I take it there is a point to that?


We recruited him as a winger so it surely couldn’t hurt to actually play him there


I certainly wouldn’t have any objection to that. We could do a lot worse. I guess it just depends how many kids they want in the side, and/or, where they want them.


Hope big red is included in the team this week.