#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


I like him


obvs drunk


I enjoy the occasional beverage.


Players played in their best/preferred position? Madness!




In a Donnington / Guelfi way?


Match hardened and in good form. In the frame, if not this week then soon.


It’s been roughly 34,164,002 seconds since Franga played his last game not that I’ve been counting. Bring him the fark in!!!


I reckon, his chances are good. Unless procrastination takes hold and we wait until after the bye ?
Surely not.

Essendon coach John Worsfold says exciting young defender Aaron Francis is now right in the mix for senior selection.

Francis returned from personal leave earlier this year and has been impressively building up his fitness and form in the VFL this season to stake a claim for his first AFL match since round seven last year.

“Aaron’s getting to that point now where his match-hardened fitness is just about at the required level and his form’s looking pretty solid,” Worsfold said on Thursday.

“Definitely his name is now talked about what role he could possibly play for us and if he’s ready for that role.”

It isn’t yet clear whether or not Francis will be selected in the Bombers’ squad to take on Brisbane at The Gabba on Sunday and Worsfold emphasised that the 20-year-old’s mental health, not his football, has always been the club’s first priority.

“Ultimately, our first aim was that we just want to see a happy young man regardless of footy and we’ve been seeing that, so that’s been great,” he said.

“But he’s also a talented young footballer and he does love playing footy, so that was the next part of it; getting back where he’s playing good footy.

“So we’re really pleased with how all that’s unfolded.”


I think it will be after the break


Bring him in for the Eagles in Perth? Really?
Or are we going to wait for an easier game in Round 17 the Suns. The next games are 12 Brisbane, 14 Eagles, 15 North, 16 Collingwood, 17 Suns, 18 Dockers ,




2 potentially sunny games in a row. I fear for his skin.


I was thinking after myself, … but you make a good point there.

Brisbane is the most ideal game within the next 5 weeks to give him his first one back for a few reasons, … :thinking:

If I was betting on it, … my Money just shifted.


Hey all games are hard and the way we are , we can win games, but in Perth, against that mega hostile lot we could be in for a shellacking. Even WOB will probably opt to go and watch the local darts comp… No one wants to have a comeback game in those circumstances.




So from that article you decide that if we don’t select him this week we are procrastinating.

“match-hardened fitness is just about at the required level”
"and if he’s ready for that role.”

Hardly “he’s a walk up start next week” stuff.
More like “look for him soon” I’d say.

They might select him, but again, that sounds way more like, sometime soon.


It’s overcast and rainy here atm - he’ll be right at home if the weather stays true to current form


Reckon in this very specific case it’s important to remember there’s a bit more that goes into when a selection is made than just immediate on field gratification. Aaron’s been doing really well in the VFL and everyone is rapt to see him going so well but he’s also recently been through a really tough period pretty publicly, those loading up on the petulance regarding why he hasn’t been picked prior to now could probably remember that. Woosh has done a good job being pretty open and honest on that IMO. Been fantastic to be reminded of his ability over the past month or so though, he really is a super talent.


Thanks for the insight Paul.