#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty

  1. He’s ready, himself; and
  2. Form dictates.

Aaron decides 1, IMO.

Holding him back out of sympathy or misguided hyper-empathy is not helpful.

Believe in him.


Blitz would never do that!

That’s a useful phrase.


and like economists and traders who read every Federal Reserve statements for changes in terms…

Worsfold had previously said fitness was there but commented that he would become more ‘match hardened’ over time. Now saying he is basically match hardened.

I am now getting hardened.




Ease him in :wink:



Please have a good game. Please have a good game. Please have a good game. Please have a good game. Please have a good game. Please have a good game. Please have a good game. Please have a good game. Please have a good game.


Okay, seems like a good time to rip this out again…



Agreed. A big percentage gain against the worst team in the league will put us in third spot on the ladder.


I can feel a thread title change coming on …


What does Austin think about this?


tl:dr ITS TIME


Austin Lucy’s diminutive appendages




On board.


IMO what Francis brings is exceptional intercept marking…but at the expense of mobility.

So his role overlaps a bit with Hooker.

I can’t see him being picked unless Hooker is injured or moved forward again.


This is what happened the last time someone compared Francis’ mobility to Hooker’s.


Since going back, Hooker is now going to the no 1 opposition tall forward. He is playing a much more negating role. The role Francis would play is more like Dea or Marty: intercept defender. But Francis is not slow. In the VFL, Francis even has stints in the midfield and plays OK.


His mobility is good. His burst/power over a short distance is really good. He’s not a lumbering type at all. His tank is never going to be that of one of the elite running mids, but I don’t think he’s costing the side mobility compared to many whose role he might be rotating through. (Dea, Goddard, Ridley, Hurley, even Stringer and Laverde if he was to go forward, etc etc)


FRANGS ability to burst from a standing start gives him a distinct advantage over many his size,and particularly Hooker.

This kid WILL be a star,as long as his mental health is maintained,and he continues to tick all the training boxes.