#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Mobility is definitely not a problem with Francis


Someone should mention that he’s a talent again

Seriously, I don’t think anyone’s ever questioned that.


Sure they have.

Read through some of the posts from early in the year where people had him written off at 19-20 years of age.

Please don’t tell me it was all based on his mental health either because I doubt anyone on here really knows much about that either, other than the little details that were reported.


Child No. 1.


It was based on his fitness and ability to run out a game


People thought he would never play AFL because he wasn’t fit?

Wow, that’s worse.


Which for me was clearly linked with his happiness/state of mind which was hindering his motivation or ability to live life as a professional athlete




I am soooo sick of that hair ad.

Even if the guy in the red jacket behind the goals would probably benefit from their services.


You don’t think, all the contributing factors (homesick, family, fitness,mental state) may of given people a thought about “hey, this guy might not make it”? There’s a lot more to being a footballer than just having the talent

It’s a great story he’s so close to a game. And Il call bullsh*t to people questioning his talent - if so maybe it would have been a couple of people, you always get them. But I think 95% of people never questioned his natural ability


I thought at the time it was a ridiculous overreaction and now just a few months down the track he looks very fit and happy and playing well so it looks even more ridiculous.

He is only 20 years old.


So what’s your point? Everyone was stupid for questioning whether Francis would make it as s successful afl footballer or not?

Man, there were enough question marks over him within the last 18 months for people to question that and if you can’t see that, your just choosing to be ignorant


Not everyone was questioning whether he would make it or not.

It was just the skys falling crowd.


well, if we could all be more like you killer, we would have been able to see that Aaron Francis was always a certainty to become a successful afl footballer

Seriously, if anyone thought he might not make it, when you combine what he’s been through and the problems he’s faced as a collective, it wasn’t unwarranted. It’s probably the best news story out of our club this year when he makes his senior return, with good reason.


The good ole Dougie Hawkins 80m play…ran 20m, kicked it 50m.


Play him. Our season is going down the tube, he’s in great form, he’s earned a chance. Why wait until after the bye? I hope he plays and dominates across half-back!


I’m not a sky’s falling crowd but I still question whether he’ll make it.
Until he plays some decent games at AFL level i’ll still be doubting it.

You can’t be certain when he’s still yet to play much at that level.

Edit: my Hopes are now much higher than they have been ever before with him though


He is a supremely gifted player and they don’t come along often.

He will make it.


For me I have no doubt he’ll make it, bar injury of course.

People were absolutely certain McGrath would make it, and in my opinion, Francis has more talent than McGrath. In fact Francis could well be the most talented player on our list.


I hope you’re right. I don’t see much VFL, so i’m going largely on VFL reports and hope