#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


He’s the full package.


what does that make stringer


a bigger, full package



Had momentum but has de-railed







Was looking foward to seeing him at the Gabba…


I blame Dermott


I hope he plays after the bye, i reckon if he came in and had a good game against brisbane it would’ve done wonders for him.


Yep, agree.




Well, I just, umm, aaaaah Faaaaaaark this club.


There is nothing surer then Francis getting senior games this year. No need to rush. It’s really important he comes in at the right time.


Preach, my friend! Preach!


Which would have been this week…

Interstate game, against Brisbane. Small crowd, no real expectations. Sunday 1.10pm timeslot…

Instead he will probably come in against WCE - at their fortress… 60k eagles fans, pressure on all night. Prime time Thursday night Football.

Setting him up to fail.


Yeah, look, I’m pretty insensitive to other people’s problems when they aren’t really really obvious. As such I know SFA about mental health. So take this comment with a grain of salt.

Your response seems like a fine response in a normal football sense. However I don’t consider this decision to have much to do with football at all.


Any update on his game yesterday?


Every report is that he played well.


No, the VFL game clashed with the Bears blockbuster so no one went to it.