#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


23d 11m (8-9 intercept marks)…


CANNOT be picked for West Coast game.

The new oval is injury city and a massive issue at the moment.

West Coast have already exceeded lower leg injury averages this season because of it. Brad Hill is also out and there have been injuries from other visiting teams.

One more week please.


I don’t care if there isn’t really a spot for him right now, I don’t care if he can only play a half, I don’t care if it makes no sense at all… bring the big angry ranga in because it’ll be fkn exciting.


Has to come in, but if backline is already:

Dea Hooker Saad
Conor Hurley BJ

With Redman and potentially Ridley rotating off the bench.

Where does he fit?

As a fwd?

Or Francis back and move BJ to half forward to help with entries into F50 (we missed Zaka’s delivery imo). Or Conor in midfield?


We do need to do something about the forward-line, it’s not functioning well. Losing Joe and with Hooker down back - that was 100+ goals in 2017. Raz seems off the boil. Is he fully fit? Ditto Walla. Smack and Brown as key forwards don’t inspire much confidence nor provide many goals. Could Francis play up forward, kick a few goals and provide a ‘presence’?


I’m not sure releasing him into the cauldron over there in Perth in front of their rabid crowd where we get bent over routinely is necessarily the best way to re-introduce him to the senior team. I hope he plays against North Melbourne the following week though and goes on to play the last 9 games of the year.


One thing we don’t have to do with Azza is treat him any differently to any other player. He plays when the selectors think he is ready, where ever the team is playing, and in whatever position the team needs him.

If that means he has to play a role as 3rd forward against the top team in a cauldron full of rabid ferals where the umpires take bias to a new level, so be it.


Don’t West Coast play about the tallest forward line/ruck combo in the league?


What if he ■■■■■■■ destroys them


Darling is currently injured


Personally I think it would be madness to consider Francis as a forward at this stage and i’d be very surprised if the club does it.
Yes he has played some time forward, but remember last year he asked to be moved into defence. He has played his best football as a defender.


If he were to come in, I would play Oirish on the wing, delivering quality passes to our forwards, and Francis where he is playing best right now.



Hurls and Hooker were playing more 1 on 1 roles yesterday and intercept marks were down. It was up to Dea to play as the intercept marking defender. He took 1. The rest of our tall defenders didn’t do much better.

Go down the other end. Outstanding performance by Harris Andrews, who took 9 intercept marks (probably equalled the total for all our defenders) also 19 spoils. That’s nearly half our inside 50 entries for the match, dealt with by one player.

TBH, Marty is still many weeks away. Francis is the man for that job.

However, I would not take him on the road to Perth, but wait for the North Melbourne game.


Imagine he kicks a goal phhwwwoooaaarrrrr the emotion will be awesome


Surely a straight swap for Brown. Brown with all due respect, is depth. Francis is the type of player that can change a list dynamic.


Yes this,absolutely.


McGrath to back pocket and McKenna or Redmen to a wing? Francis slots into the back six in expense of Goddard?

McGrath Hooker Francis

Saad. Hurley McKenna/redmen?


Wish we did have Redmen- one on each wing.


I’d back the club in on this one to read what’s best for Aaron re fitness, preparation, mentality etc. If we need to be patient a while longer, that’s fine.

I want him loving football and loving Essendon. The rest will follow in due course. So far, it all looks promising, to say the least.