#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


It actually has more substance than the original post in the chain.

But whatever floats your boat.


feel free to not be a ■■■■ about it then.


Did he, or was that just Blitz rumour turned into fact based on media speculation?


“He is interested in a move back home but he’s obviously contracted and we still rate him highly as a footballer and value him as a person,” - Rob Kerr, you can argue semantics but thats asking to go home


ok cool, that’s why I asked.


Whatever floats your boat Reboot !

You certainly have a habit of abusing posters who you claim have no knowledge, and continually imply that you have knowledge without having to prove it

I guess that floats your boat.


Chris, Chris, Chris you don’t have any connections mate, none. You couldn’t possibly put forward an opinion based on a reasonable theory, on a fan forum site. It’s crazy.

Thanks for clearing that up Reboot, I got to tell you we are all very lucky that a man with such a direct line on every detail at the club, at almost any time can contribute so earnestly to this community. And of course we completely respect the fact you couldn’t possibly share more than one word answers to set us all straight.





It was a fair question. He wasn’t doing anything wrong

Stop belittling people as you have the inside word and they don’t hence they have no idea. We all know you have contacts at the club, it doesn’t mean you have to act superior to them because that’s exactly how you come across. Enough is enough, your a good bloke, but cmon mate


Well said

The thing is. I’ve never met Reboot (or any blitzers), but I hang out for when there is a post from someone like him because they are what makes blitz valuable. You get to hear things you otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to.

But it is annoying to be chastised for not knowing when I/we just want to know more about those we follow like a religion


I don’t have any inside info but it doesn’t really surprise me that Aaron hasn’t been rushed back into the side. I was actually more surprised that he came back so soon after taking time off to deal with his ‘off field’ or mental health issues.
It may be a case of getting him both mentally and physically ready to come back in.
Those saying “use him or lose him” might be right but when he asked to be traded, from all reports, he was in a bad place mentally. That quote from Rob Kerr was back during the trade period when he was really struggling - He appears to be much happier now.
I hope he does get get games in the second half of this season… but - if he doesn’t, I would be a bit surprised if he still wanted a transfer.


Sounds like sports “journalism” school.


The club have been very positive about Aaron and him playing in the senior side in the last few weeks.

All done logically in relation to him getting into form and importantly match fitness.

Nothing to suggest he would not be played when he is ready.

So… given how he has been playing and what the club has been saying and just his overall demeanour, not sure there is an issue here about him playing.

It should happen soon enough.


There’s nothing wrong with baseless speculation as long as you qualify it. Most of the people around here though take the tiny portion of what they know, or believe to know, extrapolate conclusions from there and talk as if it’s fact


Google poo jogger to find the story behind it if you haven’t already. Somebody else mentioned it in a thread for me to have the misfortune of reading about it.


Play him in the Center. He can protect Myers!


Seriously…wtf was he doing?


Yeah he was doing it on a regular basis in the same spot and somebody at work told me he was bringing toilet paper along with him lol. Would have thought it would be obvious to avoid doing it in the same area multiple times to at least reduce chances of getting caught. Can understand taking a ■■■■ if you’re busting but to take a dump fmd.


Ok; I never had a go at Chris for asking a question in the first instance, but as a way to cover for a crap post. He said, “Its probably a case of use Franga or lose him tbh.” Which is not a question but a statement. To which I replied “No it’s not”. It was then he started with the questions.

As for Aaron. When he asked for a trade his life was different, his family situation was different, he was very unsettled, he was not in a good place. And now those situations are no more. He will stay and build on his dream to play for the club he has followed all his life.

If he’s not getting games by the end of next season, and there is no valid reason why, that could change. As it could for anyone kicking the door down and being held back for no good reason. But it won’t this year.


Eh I thought the questions were posed as a way to show the train of thought which precipitated the initial statement… not “as a way to cover for a crap post”

But whatever