#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Throwing this out there.

Personally I like Francis, but if he wants out at end of year again, trade for Mitch McGovern who reportedly wants out?


I wouldn’t myself.

But then I’m a massive fan of Aaron. I think his potential is through the roof.


If you explained your opinion that way it probably would have come across a lot less condescendingly.

Agree with you on the Frang though. Very happy he is still around, and seemingly getting better every week.


What can I say. He’s a serial offender for that sort of post, and i was felling grumpy. :grin:
And I’ll say I have met him IRL and have no problem with him


I’d do it…and expect that we would be throwing in a sweetener.


Just a well meaning note of correction - the expected, time-honoured Blitz etiquette for a complaint of this nature in regards to the well-respected former moderator is “eat my balls, mate”


Don’t hate it, don’t love it.

(For eg I’d prefer Francis + GWS’ second round pick than McGovern, and I think that’d be the minimum it would cost)


Eat My Balls HAP


The most important period for Aaron isnt the rest of 2018,even though a few games would be gold.

Its the post season/2019 preseason.

If he nails that,and increases his fitness again- he will surely be a mainstay in the seniors for 2019.

And I base this purely on the talent on display,and the fact hes showing it in the 2’s for longer than ever.


From my experience, if someone has been going through a really challenging period, and been able to bounce back… gotten themselves into a really good space and created a really great social and creative environment for themselves.
They tend to be abit reluctant to make big changes. Im not saying that he wouldn’t leave, but when you’ve gotten into a great space and become pretty happy with life, you often become little bit worried that if you make big changes in your life suddenly (ie. moving house, moving to a new city, making new friends, changing work place, etc) you might slip back into that not so good head space again.


Cool your jets, mod lover


An emphatic NO to trading him.

Nein, non, nyet, “f**k off, idiot” (the last being the Australian version)

I’m sure all other clubs will try to screw us, but I’d say, screw you


The two SA clubs were not willing to even part with 2nd rounders for him last year.

If Francis brings his 2nds form to the 1sts, there will be some serious butt hurt from over there.


I might be alone here but Franga should come in as a forward.
Strong body with great hands who can kick a mile. He has proven to be smart player in leading patterns etc and is mobile enough to lay tackles and be a ground level threat.
Only weakness as a replacement for Stewart is his lack of running power and 2nd ruck option.
Not needed down back at the moment but Jeez our forward half needs some help


I must whilst I respect a differing view, I disagree.

The kid has finally been settled in a clearly defined role and I just hope when his opportunity inevitably comes it comes in the position he has been excelling in over the past 4-6 weeks.

Never wanted a kid to make it so much.


I’m just wrapped to see him playing and starting to dominate the VFL. Let him keep building confidence there for as long as it takes I reckon. I’ll back the club on this one as much as I want him in the seniors.


Dominates match after match after match as a defender. No way he plays forward.


That’s the most stupid thing I have ever heard.

The kid is / has been suffering from a mental illness. Your idea is to take this mentally fragile kid out of the position he has always been comfortable playing and, at the same time, elevate him to the seniors. Talk about setting him up for a massive failure.


Play him on Waite against Norf


He is not a mentally fragile kid. He was unwell. He has now recovered. If he is treated as being ‘different’ to other players then that is setting him up for failure.
Ideally every player gets to play in the position where they have played recently. But sometimes positions don’t open up in that place, and all players need to play where it is best for the team.
Not understanding depression is ok. But stereotyping a person who has had depression as continuing to be mentally fragile is not.