#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty



That’s not a bad photo of Clayton Oliver


Is that Sam Mclure?


Fair enough, ive got plenty other stupider ideas.

Dont have to agree with my opinion, i disagree is all you needed to say

Time will tell which way the coach swings it, im happy for him at either end, just think his attributes help up forward at the moment.

Good luck in your quest to rule people opinions and more importantly good luck Franga


Wouldnt it make sense,for example the 3rd qtr v Lions, that if we are dominating the inside 50s we could shift Hooksy forward for a bit?

Doesnt have to be for long to potentially spread the oppositions key talls.
May result in a couple quick goals.

Just a thought.

Edit- fk wrong thread


He might. He might not.

Let’s play the lad.


I have met Reboot, several times socially and I have no problem with him in a personal / social environment.
However, the above quote is one which has a whiff of authoritarianism, elitism and condescension. about it

The Reboot modus operandi is to make statements without support, and we are all led to believe that because he has some connections direct into the ticking heart of the club, that we should accept them as absolute fact. When questioned on a statement, he stonewalls and comes up with things like " that is all I will say on the matter"

Does anyone know , at any point of time what is going on in the minds of all players minds, player managers minds, all coaches, all the staff and the directors. No. The major problems that club directors have is to know what is really happening at all levels of the club. They admit that. We know it has been the case that even Senior Coaches don’t know everything that’s going on at the club. Its a problem in any organisation.

Speak to one person, they will see it one way, speak to another, they might give you a different story.


Wrong the ad but that is exactly what we should be doing.





Seems like boot loves Franga, chris64 is all bout the rawdog. Filthy old men!


He’s got to produce in the seniors before he’s proclaimed a star. By all accounts he’s been fantastic in the twos for many weeks now, and he’s fit, or getting fit, for senior football. There’s every reason to hope that he’ll be a champion, and with his size and weight, exactly the sort of on-field presence that we need.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the proof of Aaron Francis will be in the seniors, when he gets there. He doesn’t have to be best on ground in his first game back. But one would hope that by the end of this season he’ll have put together a string of games and been among our best once or twice. If that happens then it’ll be time to start dreaming.


Bring in next weekend imminent

Stop BS John boy he is our future star backman




How strange that is when we consider all the umpires are completely neutral in their decision making.
Thank goodness we know that otherwise I could be concerned.


Is Frang on the plane to Perth?


Watch him not get selected.


I wouldn’t be too upset if Franga is not selected keep him for the Kangas game.

Waite injured his calf and won’t be playing.


Sure is!


But why not get him in now?

He is ready.

He is clearly AFL standard talent wise. Get him AFL games.