#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


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If you’d like to go and quote my posts from all different threads where I constantly hassle the same posters, feel free to show me. You’ll struggle, because I don’t. Il call out a ridiculous opinion or a ■■■■ post, but there’s no “theme” with me or certain posters. You know it’s the off season when someone’s concerned with who’s comments I’m “liking” FMD. And come on man, you would of ran out of polish with that post hahaha

Here’s a stat for you for “likes” I actually received the most likes on a individual post ever when I went on a rant about essentially what your going on about, and I agree with you, some of the personal stuff here is hilarious. But everyone’s different. It’s the beauty of a forum


I knew someone who was struck by lightning twice on the same day.


That’s a ■■■■ day. They survive?


Who’s gonna do it?


Mistaken for a PollyWaffle and got chomped?



The 3 keys to happiness.
Something to do (this could be work, looking after the kids, volunteering… anything that absorbs time keeps the midn occupied)
Something to love (A girlfriend or a pet or a kid)
Something to look forward to (having a holiday booked in, the footy season starting etc)

When one of them falls off that’s when its easy to get depressed. Even if feeling a bit blue i encourage people to go back to those basic principles and identify which one is missing and rectify it asap. Francis has likely got one of them missing, thats why when someone said he needs a girlfriend, it is actually a valid point if the something to love one is the only of the 3 missing.


Great post.
pretty simplistic but quality.

Right get him a pet, a girlfriend and start the footy season pronto Gil!


Suffering depression when things are going well for you, sucks on a whole different level, because then you’ve gotta deal with the guilt.


NOne of these three things matters one tiny little bit if your brain chemistry decides not to play ball, sadly…

Depression is an illness, and there are no simple solutions.


I just don’t understand it. I know that depression can affect anyone but let’s put things into perspective.

The average AFL player

  • 100k+
  • over 6ft, good looking
  • women constantly hit on you
  • paid ALOT for doing something you love
  • treated like a king
  • people love you

I’d do anything for that life. I just can’t fathom how people can get upset living that life.
It’s a real shame. I’d love to meet Aaron in real life and give him some stern advice.
P.S I suffer from depression


Pretty well summed you up just with that little snippet.


If you suffer from depression and don’t understand it, then I’d recommend you learn about it. Learn everything you can about it, read up, talk to others, watch some docos etc. Because understanding it is the best defence.


If you suffer from depression and don’t understand you might need a better doctor.


Yeh that’s a chemical imbalance in the brain though. My understanding is less depression is chemical imbalance related than not, may be wrong though.


Point 1: what if you have a gambling addiction?

Point 2 & 3: what if you can’t have the person you want? What if you are gay?

Point 4 & 5: not always - there is a lot of unreasonable and abusive fans. Some of them might even abuse the players’ friends or family.

Sorry to hear that, hope you have the help you need.


The fact that you see those those things that you don’t have as some kind of 'guarantee’that you would then be happy, is the problem.

Jim Carrey recently said something like;

Ï want everyone to become rich and famous so that they can see that is not the answer.""

People’s externals, from what they have, and how they hold themselves, can be far different from the internal dialogue they tell themselves.

Depression tends to be about past thinking/rumenating, and anxiety about the future.

And sometimes, it’s just biochemical.

  • your fitness, job performance, appearance and mindset are continually scrutinised and criticised by the media, by your coaches, and by feral numpties on the internet
  • your career is 10 years if you’re lucky, most likely much shorter, and an injury or bit of bad form could end it at any time
  • your life is incredibly regimented, you have to monitor what you eat, how much you exercise, you’ve got curfews and you’re a target for every iced-up wannabe hero in a nightclub
  • imposter syndrome. It’s a real thing
  • believe it or not, footy players also have relationship issues, family tragedies, etc etc
  • brain chemistry is no respecter of profession

In my experience, depression is like water. It looks for a crack in your life, some part where you’re not happy (everyone’s got one) whether it’s ‘she doesn’t love me’ or ‘global warming is coming’ or ‘what happens if I lose my job’ ANYTHING, and it uses that crack as a way to seep inside. The illness uses your life problems as a trigger to come on full force, rather than your life problems causing the illness.

Or that’s the way it seems to operate for me, anyway.