#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


There is sooo much scrutiny and criticism in footy now. Which for someone with depression could be absolutely crippling.

Yes they get paid a lot, but football is a 24/7 job. Depression can make it hard to focus on just the most simple things( it does in my case), so imagine trying to take in a complex game plan, Copping abuse from over the fence etc

I can’t even imagine being an Essendon player who suffers from depression during the saga, you could just be walking down the street and a car drives past, rolls down their window and calls you a druggie etc.


I can fathom quite easily how someone could be upset ‘living that life’.

I’ve never been diagnosed but i’m certain id be classified as having some form of depressive condition. I have stretches where its legit a whole month where I don’t want to do anything, see anyone, go to work, and all I really want to do is just gorge on food and wallow in self pity.

When i’m in those states everything good in my life somehow gets turned into a negative. I’m employed, but I think my job is ■■■■ and meaningless, have a loving family but think none of them fkg care, got a girlfriend but just consider her a burden (who I broke up with during one of these states and reconciled as soon as I got out of it), have money saved up but consider it money wasted because I’m not doing anything with it, etc. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what triggers it, half the time its over completely petty ■■■■ which snowballs into every other facet of my life.

I’m not sure that more money, attention, love, etc would make me feel any better about myself during those times. Its almost completely irrational, and when I do emerge out of them I look back and just think it was completely and utterly stupid of me to feel that way… and what makes it worse is that once i do get through it there’s another week of guilt for being so selfish and narcissistic through those times, because I look back and see how my actions have negatively impacted others, and subsequently beat myself up over it. Having said that the good periods are generally pretty good, and I think my self awareness allows me to appreciate the periods where everything is rosey moreso than I would if I never had the bad periods… so I guess its a blessing and a curse.

I dont believe that being an AFL footballer is a cure for depression. The perks would be great but you have to be in the right sort of mindset to actually appreciate them and extract enjoyment from them. And to be honest, I could envisage the availability of those perks exacerbating the situation… ‘I’ve got all these great things coming my way yet I’m still miserable as ■■■■, there’s something wrong with me, I’m so selfish etc etc etc’

I sympathise quite a bit with Frang, but I don’t think that precludes me from being frustrated at the situation (preempting any remarks about hypocrisy). Dont take back anything ive said previously either.


I question whether the Don actually has depression? It’s a “club” you’ll never understand unless you truly “belong” to it.


Second this.

An absolutely astonishing post, and contains so many themes worthy of further discussion.

There are many thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive people on this site, who i would very much value a discussion on these issues with.


Start the post and we will join in.

I am a severe depression person, so is my daughter.

To say life is a battle would be an understatement. The moment you feel good is the moment to get scared because you know what is coming and coming hard. No amount of preparing, no amount of trying to distract stops it.

I know what it it is like to sit there and desperately want to die.


Often a person can have those all of things and living still feels not meaningful. Life sucks.

It is at those times, that help is needed to reach outside ourselves to get back in touch inside ourselves. Until then, it is as it is. I understand a little of what is being said because there are times, when I fall into myself backwards and then eventually find my way back out again. I am on heavy duty meds.


FWIW, just spotted him in Moonee Ponds. Driving a Jeep.


Spotted who?


Francis has got a girlfriend, and she lives in Adelaide.


This would be just adding to the issues then.

We really have to get his head & body right, hopefully get him back playing good footy this season & then the trade back to SA inevitable at end of year it seems.


He bought a Jeep?


This isn’t the “Diggers is stupid” thread… so it was Franga.




I dont agree with this. Life is all about the bubble you are in.

1/ most of his mates at EFC would be getting paid more than him, and other kids in top 10 draft
2/ He’s a Ranga
3/ Just cause you are really good at something doesnt laways mean you love it.
4/ what like getting abused for having a laugh after a footy match by a spectator?, hes not that well known anyway unless your a EFC fan


Yep - another thing that doesn’t help the cause at all


Or maybe she could move here?


I wonder how people would react if he was taking time out because of a concussion that needed time to mend? Assuming that what we are assuming is correct what’s the difference. His brain isn’t right he needs to take time off to hopefully fix it.

As for laughing after a loss, FFS you should see the things I laugh at, death, violence you name it. It is called black humour and people use it as a coping mechanism. Probably better done out of sight, but at the end of the day… I tell my 8 year old it dosen’t really matter if you win or not, as long as you are enjoying the game.

The fake outrage, and the five minute story life of what we call the media that the internet and social media has given us… Imagine yourself and your life under this pressure, every little mistake thrown up for others who make mistakes (but are lucky enough not to come under the judgement of the world) to Judge. Plenty of people drink drive, but if a young player makes the same mistake they are a bad rolemodel. You know what, they are humans, they make mistakes, punish them by all means, teach them they have done wrong, but don’t put them on the cross and make them out to be something they are not.

As for trading him last season, we threw it out there, neither club was interested. To trade you need 2 parties end of story.

As for Aaron, I hope he comes back and makes a name for himself. If not it won’t be the end of the world, we will find another player. Sure pick 6 was a high one, but there are plenty of top 10 picks that don’t make it for whatever reason. It is a shame sure, but not the crisis that some people in here would have you believe, after all the Draft Gods have given us plenty of late picks that have done much better than they should have.


If your only source of joy is a result of the external world, rather than the way you feel about yourself… than happiness will never be achieved.

All the things you mentioned are examples of what our society tells us we need to be happy. It’s materials. It’s money. It’s people hanging around simply because your famous. And it’s full of sh*t.

Edit: do we honestly need to list all the rich, famous and successful people who have decided to suicide?



Diggers is in this thread wondering why there’s almost 2000 posts about condoms.