#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Was spotted in NZ joining the English T20 team.


I just hope his situation improves.


for me, I think people get lost in the difference between (well to my understanding of it) clinical depression and a depressed state.

Clinical depression to my understanding (based on just my own research, not saying it’s 100% right, just my take on it) is that chemical imbalance. There’s no one set trigger it can come on at anytime any place. it can come on when you’re doing something you loved doing yesterday, but today it just makes you feel sad, and so on and so on.

being depressed for a specific reason, as you mention in the above example, specifically for ones football abilities, is different, not better or worse, just a different ballgame so to speak.

I don’t think they are the same thing, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Maybe that’s just me.
but as an example, player x getting criticised about his game, his weight, he’s demenour etc etc may still produce similar results of feeling down, unhappy sadness and loss of enjoyment, there’s a specific reason as to why said player is feeling down, and a degree of choice in changing how they react to it.

whereas clinical depression or diagnosed depression is what i picture mitch clarke situation, and that night after a good game, where he’d come back into the afl was playing ok, was in a good side playing well as a whole etc etc, had a good win one night, and coming up the race his emotions and sadness for no real reason got to him and were too overwhelming, for no logical reason.

I don’t know if any of that is making sense, or is even right, it’s just the way i see it.


Prophylactics haven’t been called ‘Frangas’ since the '80’s.


I know what a franga is.
Wot’s a profalaktik?


Ask the Blues Brothers.


Four fried chickens and a coke.


That’s all there is to life is it - money, fame and chicks?

Yeah some “advice” from Shallow Hal is what he needs.


There’s colloquially/“English” meaning of depressed and there’s clinically depressed as you point out. Pretty simple.


It’d be a lot simpler to understand if they used two different words.


Maybe the reason why you feel down is the things you value in life are quite materialistic.

Money, fame, women and looks.

Happiness is not something that can be bought, or be given to you by others, happiness needs to come from within.

You need to find what makes you truly happy without it being reliant on other peoples opinions or money.

Set yourself some small goals in life that are achievable. Don’t set things like;
a) I want to be good looking this year
b) I want to earn 150k this year or
c) I want 5 different girlfriends in the next month

Set some goals like;
a) I want to beat my personal best time around the tan
b) I want to take a course this year and learn a new skill
c) I’m going to make a point of seeing my family/friends once a week and spend quality time with them, not just sit around each other on our phones

Do something like that, and you may find yourself on a path to a happier life.


Yeah, but what about realistic goals?


I want a big Mac for dinner
I want a coke a s ouzo to drink
I hope I keep breathing today.


There are plenty of studies that show that once you have enough money to live comfortably, it is a very poor motivator (this is why google and the likes have all the crazy stuff in their workplaces, they need to recruit and keep the best staff to keep things going). I would argue that it is the same in your personal life. A new BMW or Kia will give you the same new car buzz, but after a few thousand k’s they become ‘the car’ that you use to get from point a to b. There is no extra joy associated with them (until perhaps you get to 3 years and 1 day old and realise that the BMW has no warranty and the Kia has 4 left).


That’s why you get a cocaine addiction


This thread is depressing


Deep rest.


Perhaps ‘happiness’ is over-rated and ambiguous, while ‘contentment’ may be a better outlook … :slight_smile:


Continence is important too.


you mean he doesn’t?