#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


One of life’s most valuable lessons.


Sorry to hear it Ice, and well done for coming through.


I don’t think so. And if you can afford a new BMW, you will trade it for a new one after 3 years.

And many of us like to live much more than “comfortably”. I am also a Beer Man; but not cheap stuff.


He already has a gf. Mentioned this a month ago when he came into work with her.


Bourgeoisie credentials rising.


Now that’s advice worth takin’


Maybe I will trade-in my hammer and sickle


About f**king time, non-comrade.


Just playing with you Comrade AN!

I sing the Red Flag every night before I go to sleep.


Out of tune like the rest of you Bolshie bastards!


I hope Aaron comes back fitter and stronger than ever. There is still a career waiting for him to fulfill. If he doesn’t decide to come back, then l wish him well in his endeavours, post football. While we are all avid fans here, mental health is far more important and l would like to see him get any help he needs.


Well said CJ

Losing a brother is a significant event, no matter your age. I hope Aaron is ok


I hope he finds peas from within.


Just saw the big red, he came into work. Looking very fit still. Hope he comes back soon :slight_smile:


Are you in Melbourne or Adelaide? Just hope the lad is in good spirits and can find happiness in his life, never mind footy.




What? At Revs???


The Francim Menace


Apologies if been mentioned elsewhere but is Francis still training and keeping his fitness up ?


Massive opportunity for him to take Gleeson’s spot, surely the club will try and get him back specifically for that role.