#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Won’t happen




Is he ever coming back?


FWIW, Hocking is wearing #10 this year…


That’s a really bad sign


Wonder if Crows would take Francis+pick for Sloane?


Yeah, there were plenty of free choices which posed no threat of a clash (e.g. 1).


Why would hocking be wearing 10?

I mean, there’s only one answer. Because Francis isn’t coming back. But I just hope there’s another reason


Gotta be joking?


Seconds players usually wear numbers 50 and above.

Wearing #10 today means three-fifths of five-eighths of…


I think @CJohns was saying in his podcast that Francis is still working hard with his personal trainer, and just taking time away from the club.


Bloke turns 28 at the start of the 2019 season a late first round pick is just abour right imo plus if he decides to pick Essendon then we have pretty good leverage.


Not nearly fit enough


Would you take Pick 19 for Hooker? Different positions but both previous AA and integral to each team.

This is a club that was forced to wait an entire year to improve their offer to Carlton to 2x first rounders or there abouts for Gibbs
We’d want more and so will they.


Crows wouldn’t take 2019 first+Francis?

We lost quite a few players for unders the last few times it’s now our turn to get some back.


Francis has zero trade value. You need to understand this.


I know he’s the steak knives


hey adelaide want a pick around 10? also heres this kid thats played a handfull of senior games.

you live in ■■■■■■■ la la land.


Short answer, no.

It’s hard to conceive for us when we know how much talent he has but he doesn’t hold value. I understand Port had some eyes for him but had nothing but pick #364654 to offer after prioritising other trades ie; Watts.

Hard to know he’s that undervalued when you consider things like that banana goal in the VFL after bursting through tackles on the boundary. I truly hope he finds some peace or management plan for himself both for his personal sake and for the sake of the football world getting to see such potential even partially reached and realising what a talent they mocked/missed out on.


what ever was just throwing out there and i get pounced on like yesterday’s grabage.