#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Sorry FN. Didn’t mean to make you feel that way was just saying that unfortunately with where things have got to with Francis throwing him into a trade for a player of the quality of Sloane would really make no difference. It’s sad. How good would it be if he can somehow get the help he needs to put him in the right headspace to perform for us. Bit of a dream unfortunately, but who knows hey.


26 and 2/3


or 3/8


Get him back and get him in. Now Marty has gone down he is our best intercept marker and mobile enough to cover. Give him all the confidence and support he needs. He was made for this.


Be a fairytale if the lad found peace in an opportunity.


Priority is for Francis to get his personal life sorted out as he needs to do it, and in his own time.


If fit and focused, he would have been the perfect match to McGovern.


Crows premiership window will be open past this year… I highly doubt they would part with an integral cog in thier team for what is effectively two magic beans


I doubt if anybody would ever take any notice of Finding_Nino’s trading posts. Asinine!


Francis has no trade value, so if we think we can get him right, then we persist, else it’s a fire sale to get him wherever is best for mental health outside Essendon.

I suspect that’s the SANFL or country SA footy. I can’t see him coping with the AFL system. Which is ok, it’s not for everybody.


Francis won’t play for Essendon again.

Regardless, his priority is his health.

Edit: just an opinion.


says who?


That’s a sad outcome for all. Given our investment and the kid barracking for us.


Well, that’s disappointing to hear.

I mean, I sorta figured that anyway, but…


Do you reckon he’ll play AFL for anyone?


Is it confirmed, though? Could it be that he only wore it in support of Francis?


why we forced him to stay at the club ill never know


No confirmation of anything. I choose to believe in your theory.


I can’t see Francis returning either. He’s gone on stress leave over a preseason. Not sure how he’s going to be much better during the season if he’s away from the club.
Hope I’m wrong but it’s turning out to be a nightmare pick for us footywise. He’s so far behind in his development.


I mean not to poopoo this theory but in terms of support… hey welcome back, btw the captain took your number is not great.
I guess fog is right but damn… this is the ■■■■■■ opportunity he was waiting for.
Hope he is ok anyway.