#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Lol I mean he wore the number only for the practice match to show support, and he’s not taking Francis’ number permanently. Don’t think that’d be appropriate if that was the case.


Team wise that fkn hurts, we’ve lost a near A-grade player in Carlisle for nothing.

And we were all stressing at the time at losing him for nothing if he walked to Carlton in the PSD, shows how much of lottery the whole process is.

Ryder trade is heading same way aswell unless Langford comes from the clouds this season.


all this has taught me is that the draft is so completely overrated.


Being from SA, neither Port or the Crows wanted him in 2017. Can’t see the draft and player trading in 2018 being used to pick up Francis. The poor guy has never got over the death of his brother. Let us hope he can come back because he is really a very good player when on song.


That’s not true Stall.

We also got Craig Bird out of the Carlisle trade, and Adam Cooney as a result of the Ryder trade.

Both are set for big years.


Cooney delivered Stringer. It all works out.


Ah, the old Jenkins got us Zerrett gambit.


Don’t forget Alex Morgan as well.

Was basically:





In a purely football sense this is a real blow to our list profile. Laverde and Langford draft is perilous at the moment also. We need to see something emerge here or it may well be that we basically have Darcy Parish to show for two drafts that we featured prominently at the pointy end.

On a personal level we all wish Francis the best of course, talking purely footy here.


I also reckon Redman ain’t gonna make it (going early I know), so there goes Melksham for nicks too, mind you he isn’t in the same ballpark as Carlisle or Ryder, but still a solid B grader


Wasn’t Morgan from the Melksham trade?


I don’t think you’re going early on Redman. It’s his 3rd year and he doesn’t seem close to selection. He’d want to show something pretty soon. Pretty sure he’s contracted for 2019, but if he doesn’t start progressing it will be a wasted spot


Pretty sure it doesnt work that way and we got overs for Melksham at the time.

They would want our firs this year and next for Sloane.

Francis’s currency is practically zip at the moment.


Spoke to a player manager recently and he said similar. Not just for Essendon - anywhere. Very disappointing as he has so much ability. Priority has to be his health but purely from a supporters view definitely disappointing.


So what happens then do we get an extra pick if Francis quits footy?


we get sfa, its our screw up


So we will be a player short compared to every other list


Except swans.

Hi Tippert


i would imagine so


i just hope he gets better.

would have been nice if we had Hopper or Curnow on our list. ah well. cant win em all.

fwiw i wouldn’t give up on kid. id like the afl to consider a special mature age rookie spot for him if he does get right enough. similar to ramas situation.

a mental health issue should be given that much gravitas.

what aaron knows is footy. its exactly what he will need when his mind is healed. not left delisted by a club.(although i do predict it may happen)


Few Giants come out of contract at the end of 2019 according to the AFL web site one of those is Hopper.