#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


Talent will only get you so far in the AFL.

I’d be surprised if Aaron played more than 50 games of AFL with or without us.

He needs to get himself better first and foremost, football is only ever an after thought here.


I just wish he could see footy as his ultimate outlet to his illness.

I guess when that stops working for you because of injury, it just adds to it.


Parish francis draft wouldn’t be so bad if we picked Darcy s best mate who dropped and went to Brisbane.


Let’s be honest, from a footballing perspective, he is a massive miss. It happens. We’ve had big busts before. We’ll have them again. We move on.

Obligatory, wish him well of course


No one knows what Aaron is going to do, or be able to do yet, including Aaron. We just have to wait and see.


How do you know this? Nobody knows what his motivations are. Perhaps football takes him entirely the wrong way.


My post is just an opinion. No inside info at all whatsoever. Just putting a few bits and pieces together.

I just want him to get healthy.


When you see ‘i wish’ does that explain things?

I dont know anything, im wishing!!!


Nothing ■■■■■ with your head more when you are depressed, than when you are also in pain with injury. Not only do you feel unworthy because your mental health isn’t good, but you also feel your body is failing you.
One feeds on the other and it’s a nasty combination and it’s hard to fix them both at the same time.
If you are at least physically healthy and fit, you can try and motivate your mind much easier.


Understood. Just hoping it doesn’t go that way.


Agreed, it seems as though some are jumping the gun.


I’ve never wanted a ranga to succeed so much in my life.

Regardless of whether Francis plays for us or has a career. That seems the state of Essendon for the last 15 years. Closer to twenty really. A show big series of what ifs?


If we really wanted Matheison we could have got him at a later pick, not pick 6.
Anyway, not convinced he’ll be any good. How come he didn’t play for Brisbane on the weekend? Injured or just not selected?


Matheison out of contract next season i think


If the club had wanted Mathieson, the club would have drafted him.

I was a wrap for him myself at u18 level and wanted us to draft him, but seriously, it’s time to move on now.


In light of this news …

“The Phantom Menace”?


Cough, cough.

But is it really news, or just Fog making an educated guess based on the fact he hasn’t heard good things about the situation?


What about “#10 Aaron Francis - stop being arseholes about him”?



I hope for his sake, not the EFC’s, he can find the space he needs at home with his family and away from the goldfish bowl of AFL. Peace and contentment come in many forms.


Personally, I’d like to see:

#10 Aaron Francis - All of Blitz is in your corner Aaron”

Or something like that.