#10 St Francis on the Joy of Poverty


With Gleeson gone need hin back and training


Come on guys. Plenty of people, including afl players come back from mental illness. Buddy Franklin is an obvious one that many said was never going to come back play again.

Give it a rest. It might be time to lock this thread. Speculation = stigmatisation


Buddy’s illness was a little different to Aaron’s.



Legit never heard anyone say that


Say hello to my little friend.


Can this thread be locked until we get some updates from the club?

It’s a sensitive issue I believe and nothing good can come from discussion about Frangas situation.

I think we all agree his first priority is getting well.


Was also allegedly a front for something else.

Star player has off field issue that requires them to take time away from game. “Mental health” card gets played.


Francis situation is legit however. Hope he gets himself back on track and we see him make the most of his talent at some stage again.


Really feel for Francis after Gleeson’s injury. He’d be watching how the team is going and the outcome from the weekend. He’d know that the vacancy would have been his to fill. He’d know that the opportunity would have allowed him to show his talent as a best 22 player. And he’d know he’s simply not capable right now. To not be able to grab that chance would be immensely frustrating.


FFS who ‘alleged’ that Buddy’s was a front for something else or that his problems were not mental health issues. How could you even know that Francis’ is ‘legit’ but Franklins’ isn’t?


Francis’ situation is legit because someone on blitz said so, and buddy’s isn’t because someone on blitz said so.


Not saying that Buddy was not legit, but under the AFL three strikes policy on recreational drugs, the player goes out on AFL described mental health leave.


As Sheedy said many times there is more to life than football or something like that. My wish is that Aaron Francis is able to make a full recovery from whatever it is that troubles him at present. He has considerable challenges facing him and l good luck to him rising to meet those challenges now and in all the days that follow.


Buddy may have had some issues, only his inner circle would know the truth there. What makes people call the bulltish card is his behaviour during said mental health break.
My Wife’s cousin is a high profile sports agent in the UK. Some of stories and photos of buddy he showed me while he was partying in the South of France had me in stitches. Let’s just say the Sydney football club would not be laughing as much as me.


Just get well Aaron.
Hes just a kid.
Whole life ahead of him.
Footy lasts maybe 5-10 years?
Hes got 50+ ahead of him.
Get the head and heart right
before anything else while your


I know someone who works in player welfare within the AFL system

Nothing to do with blitz commentary

Who here would have any surprise at all the AFL is about brand protection first & foremost?

Many many different scenarios could be seen as reason to do so.

Under carpet sweeping specialists


who fkg cares, at the end of the day even if buddy was heavily into drugs and was forced to take time off, surely that comes under the ambit of ‘mental health’. fark if one of our players was struggling with drugs id want to hope the afl doesnt just expose them and throw them under the bus. of all the protectionist/optics/tinfoilhat policies the AFL has in place, the protection of those who are using illicit drugs is one that I actually like… its a personal medical issue, nfi why the public should know.


Everyone agrees with protecting those who struggling. And those individuals should be.

But as is common in society it’s often nothing to do with a health issue but merely a choice, hence the whole notion of “recreational”.

Debating that however wasn’t why this has come up, it was commented that Buddy had come back from mental health issues and therefore Francis could also. When it’s far from apples with apples.

I really do hope Francis does come back however & everyone gets around him. Only need to have listened to Wayne Schwass over the years whose been very vocal on it to understand the difficulties a player may face.


I totally agree with that… The lack of transparency, control, manipulation by the afl bosses to achieve their desired outcome is sickening. But I don’t think it is fair to judge the two players and claim one is legit and the other isn’t.


Get off the Franklin subject. Uncalled for , unseemly and UnFrancis