#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Crickey, for a minute I thought you were talking about Zaka.


His turnaround in form has been extraordinary from after the Rd.7 Freo game.

Coaches have to be commended for sticking with him, when 90% of us wanted him dropped (me included).

I thought he played a ripper Friday night.
His hard running to find dangerous space, link up play, and damaging kicking is a real asset to our side.
Further, I haven’t seen him shirk a contest for a while.

I hope he can keep up this form.


BOG today.


Where the fark has this Zaka been?


MCG, a little bit of rain, Collingwood.

Zakas perfect storm.


Yep, best on by a mile


holy crap that was ELITE

best game for the club

If Hurley wasn’t such a ■■■■■■■ manbeast would have been best on ground.


Im seriously hoping he keeps this form up for the rest of his career but a part of me makes me feel like he’ll play out of his skin in his contract year and then go back to plodding along again and being inconsistent once he gets his contract.

Was amazing again today though and has been awesome all season so kudos to him.

Well done Zaha.


1 year contracts it is


B-b-b-b-but he’s not that good, we shouldn’t expect things!


He worked so much harder off the ball today, and he got his rewards. Much better!


Such clean disposal. Imagine he played 20 games in a season at this standard.


Oh and there’s a reason why he always plays well against Collingwood, they have Pendlebury who never goes near an opponent, Treloar who is too busy looking for the handball and Sidebottom who wouldn’t dare lower himself by going near an opponent. A good team to get yourself into form if the rest of your side comes to the party.


Excellent game Zaka and great finishing


Love seeing this guy back in form. The team looks so much better when he’s on. Also love that he’s not just getting the outside ball. He’s doing the hard stuff and sticking tackles. Huge turn around from the start of the season.


Whoa he’s been immense.


Hasn’t this bloke turned himself around


I dunno, I reckon it’s the people in here who have turned it around. Sometimes you just gotta be patient


Just loves whipping Collingwood.


DAVID Zaharakis will join the list of Essendon re-signings after finally being offered a new deal.
And James Kelly is open to joining veteran Brendon Goddard in playing on, with the former St Kilda star next week officially hitting a trigger clause for 2018.