#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Serious lack of activity in the Zaka thread.

He’s been supreme for the last 5-6 weeks.


And he’s back kicking goals as well. Used to be his thing.


Thought today was his first average game for awhile, seemed to butcher it a lot today. Still got plenty of it but just didn’t think it was good compared to what he normally produces


To be fair I think you could say that with at least a good half a dozen players today.


There’s an old saying that I nearly posted here a while ago, as it’s never been so pertinent than for what goes on here …

“You can do everything right, and you’ll hear nought about it, but then do one thing wrong, & you’ll never hear the end of it”

Or something to that effect.

(Funny I thought it was well used & known, but no matter how hard I Goog’ed I couldn’t find it.)


Unlucky not to have kicked another two from memory. One hit the post, and another was downgraded from a goal after a dubious replay.


Thought he was good, good to see he is kicking goals again


The wonky wheel makes the most noise?


Lack of activity when he’s playing well is further evidence that the two most common kinds of poster are not in fact negative posters and positive posters, but rather negative posters and posters who argue with negative posters.

Edit: and snarky ■■■■■ like me, obviously.


Its called the “One goat rule”


He started quietly but has gone on to have one of his best years. He is probably our main goal scoring mid. Is the player want to have the ball when entering the 50.


He had 9 touches at half time, but 27 at the end. I am pretty confident he had a lot to do with the turn around.

When he plays well we seem to mostly win.


when we play well, he plays well.
I’m not saying that to bag him, but as has been said before - he’s an outside mid, and a benefactor of when we are getting up on top inside, when we are linking up smoothly out of defense etc.


I enjoy your snark.




I completely agree with many people’s past criticism of this guy.


He would be a sneaky chance to finish the 2nd highest in our Best&Fairest count among our midfielders. That’s kind of damning.

Goddard has been average the last 2 months after a great start.

Hepp has been very inconsistent and hasn’t had as many big games as Zakka.

Zakka was pretty good round 2 against Lions. One of our best against Crows and since round 8 has nearly been in our best every week.

Will poll well.

And I’m not sure whether that is a credit to him, shows his underlying ability or is damning that only Zerret has been able to put an entire season together amongst our midfield brigade.

Suggest a combination of all those things.


I would have though Daniher, Hurley, and Merrett would have the top three spots sewn up.


Poor old MacTavish. Nobody remembers the bridges he built…


Or you could look at it the other way and say when he plays well, the team goes well. He’s been a big part of our wins lately.


Zaka needs stability to play well.

He doesn’t play well through injury. He doesn’t play well if given roles that vary from what he is used to. And I’d argue he was one that took longer to adjust to the other players coming back.

Flying now though… and kicking goals. Great to see.