#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


He is back to playing the way he was when he won us all over in the first place, more focussed on the ball rather than self preservation
Will never be a head over the pill bull but when he is firing with the things he’s good at that is forgiven

When he’s up and going he can hurt sides quickly and hits the scoreboard, long may it continue


I actually think that when Zaka spends some time inside, that’s when he plays his best footy.

I can’t explain it… I’m not even certain it is correct, but that is my perception.


I think your kinda right, he is very good in congestion when he is firing, I was more reffering to his dislike for taking a hit.
In congested slow play he can be great inside but if he has to put his head over it in a situation where he could get cleaned up he tends to hesitate pretty regularly, probably worse when he is out of form too


Super glad to see him find the wrap around the back right foot snap again


Was really good again.

He has really stood up this year so let’s hope that it continues.

Carried the team at times against fark Carlton.


Thought he was really good today


Need to re-contract him as soon as possible - He’s an essential part of the midfield mix.


Perennial 1 yr contracts? @Riolio


I like it.


The good ol mcveighdays.


Will go top 3 in b&f with Zach and Hurls


Joe says hi


This guy is playing very very very good football.


Geez, I reckon he is nearly leading it now.


I pray to the football gods that this bloke keeps playing like this after he gets his new deal.


I swear everytime he plays Gold Coast he has like nearly 40 possessions each time.


I was highly critical of him after a couple of early stinkers, but geeze he’s been really solid in the second half of the season. Essential part of our midfield now and just so happy to be proven wrong.


This - absolutely seems to love playing them


He has seriously had a very, very good year.


EAsily one of the best games I have seen him play

BOG by a mile