#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021




Gold Coast just upped their offer by $100,000


Now, … some of you go back 5 months in this thread, …


I… guess?


And everything that was said would have been correct? In fact people saying the best he could only be is a B/C+ grade player were proven wrong, he’s capable of great football consistently.

If Colyer has a great season in two years it doesn’t mean he had a good year this year. The logic of pretending every player is in great form all the time and being so sensitive to any player coping criticism is silly. Zaharakis said himself he was out of form and to his credit he worked his way out of it.

Him being in good form now doesn’t equal being in good form then. Zaharakis had a below average last half of last year and was below his best in the first 7 games of this year. Since then he’s been magnificent. It’s the “see I right after all he was never in any bad form ever and now I’ll be a snarky ■■■■” attitude is the exact reason why people basically stick to their guns regardless of anything that happens on field and why people on Blitz get sh*tty with each other.

He was below his best then, and he’s in great form now. Let’s enjoy his good form.


Plenty of people were calling for us to get rid of him. That’s rather more extreme than saying he’s just out of form.


A lot of people wanted him to be dropped, which would have been warranted, after a long stretch of below average games. I’m not sure I see anything wrong with that. I think we’ve given the same opportunities for Colyer to turn it around but unfortunately he just hasn’t turned it around.


To find the article where Zaharakis himself admitted he was in bad form?


I was referring to those saying trade him to get rid of him as long as we get a second rounder.


Swap Zaka for Kelly and a second rounder?


I will put my hand up and say I was one of the ones that has been calling for him to be traded.

He is playing great footy now, and has really got some consistency going which is great to see

Well done Zaka


dunno if it’s my imagination, but he seems lighter than he did last year. much more light-footed as well, quicker putting foot to ball, more easily kicking the ball on the run…


Been very good for quite some time. Sign him up, 3 years.


i thought he ran fine last year. It was early this year he looked sluggish at times. Maybe hit the weights a little too much - maybe trying to become the inside player he’s not. He plays best as the link man. Maybe he had a niggle early, but you’re right, he is running well and taking running bounces, and I am becoming very confident about maintaining possession when he has it. Would like to see a graph of his effective disposals. Per cent wise would be good, number of eff disposals would be through the roof. Not real keen to see traded out to get a mega deal done. Peter, Paul. Decent mids we don’t need to lose. Need to sign!


If You were an opposition coach you’d be tagging Zaharakis surely. His link work between the 2 arcs has been sensational. Zaka IS our run through the corridor.


And then Merrett gets off the chain.

Part of the reason Zaka has been so good lately is that the opposition rates Merrett our #1 midfielder and tag him accordingly - it happened last night, it happened against Carlton (Zac didn’t deal with the close attention well).


To my eye he’s really improved his hardness. His tackling is better and his willingness to accept contact to try and win the ball or force a stopagge is just miles ahead of where it has been at any time in his career. He’s also all but cut out the blind kicks from stopagges and is using hands as a first option in congestion.

He’s always been able to run and link if no one sits on him but the improvement in his contested game is what has taken him to the next level.

No doubt the emergence of Zerret has had an enormous impact too


Has been fantastic past 13/14 weeks.
Before that he was headed for the trade table. Not anymore!!
Reckon he will run first or second at b&f


Best on by a street Saturday Night. Was always there at the contest but was also able to spread away from it as well. Career-best form for me, very much a barometer for the team now. If he plays well, Essendon play well. It used to be the other way around.


Contract talks put off until the end of the season. Source: Scott Lucas

I really hope we aren’t lowballing a good midfielder when we need more midfielders and that this is just a wait and see what is available move

He will get big money offers from clubs now, the list of FAs is rapidly shrinking and he is playing out of his skin