#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


He also said all parties are happy with how it’s progressing. Might be more contingent on how much money they’re trying to spend on somebody else and what salary cap room they clear via retirements. Long way from panic stations I reckon.


Also naive to think Lucas has been fielding inquiries for 12mths+.


What if he wants 5 years?


Maybe we’re holding off too. If we don’t land the big trade then we should be front loading Zaka to go again at a trade in 2018.



Maybe the whack hird gave him on the way out paid dividends?


Given it’s Round 23, may as well wait until the season is done…


Yes. Wait and see if GWS win their mandated flag first … :crossed_fingers:


Wouldn’t like to see him go but if it’s for the right deal then sure. The way he’s been playing he’s on the verge of critical to our performance. Lifelong Essendon lad too. I’d like to see him going in and getting the hard ball for us next season.


He’ll stay.


Did I miss something? What did Hird do/say?


In his final press conference he singled Zaharakis out for being soft. Or something along those lines.


“That (free agency) actually hasn’t really come to my head … exploring the market and that kind of thing is something that some players do and other players don’t,” Zaharakis said.
“For me it doesn’t really matter when it gets done. If it gets done in the next month or two … or if it gets done at the end of the year, I’m just focusing really on playing footy,” Zaharakis said.
“That can all come to the fore when it does, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s not going to hang over my head when it gets done early or later.”


You have to give it to him waiting till after he wins the b&f before they sign the cheque just clever business from a smart man

“Gentlemen please, let me carry this team to its first finals win in like forever, then we’ll make a deal”

The cojones on the lad, must have some pretty good footy for us planned the next few games,
give em hell David


Gave him a none-too-subtle, but light hearted whack for being a bit soft.
That would’ve been August ish 2015.


Said he’d like to see him get a few more hard-balls


Hawks are sniffing around to see what happens.
They have no picks but a bit of cap room to move and are after talent that won’t cost them anything at the trade table.
I’ve been critical of him in the past but he has really lifted this year and he is worth far more to us than a pick in the low 20’s we would get for him




Scotty Lucas on radio a moment ago, said negotiations have been ongoing with Essendon and I quote: “we are not far apart”.


Zaharakis is a free agent.


Hirdy said he loved zaka even though they get frustrated that sometimes he doesn’t go hard enough at the contest. What a loss to footy Hirdy is.