#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


good. having a very decent year.


FOUR more years !

What a great reward for an excellent year.


Back in - 4 years.


1yr too long imo, hope I’m wrong.


Great news. Has been fantastic this year and last. Loves the club. Smash the finals Zaka.


Bang! Thank fk.

Would have stayed for way less than what was on offer elsewhere so the 4yrs worthwhile.

It’s all clicked for him. Should be consistent strong performer all through his contract now.


Career best numbers this year, in spite of a slow start. Elevating himself.


He’s only 25 dude


27 actually

100% worthy of 4 years. Super durable.


Thought he was younger!


Great news!!! Good stuff Zacka. Has really turned a corner, and added some consistency to his game the 2nd half of the season. Confident he can maintain it for years to come.


28 in Feb, Just an opinion mate but i guess he had 4yr offers elsewhere.


Well deserved. Reckon he doubled that contract length with the second half of this year.


Spot on. Awesome news prior to the start of the finals.


man if he gets off the chain next week, gonna gumb something chronic.


4 years immeditately felt too long.

Probably right though.



Also says to me, that something else must have been sorted/fallen into place, so that we could finalise our offer. :thinking:


Feels that way… fingers crossed.


Was never in doubt. Has found form again is awesome from a passionate clubman.


yeah, no kelly.